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    Default Super Performance In 2002-2003

    Back then I knew little about the sharemarket and only just know bit more know, I didn't do anything with my super fund and left it to the superfund giving it little consideration.... ugggg... but given the fund managers performance in the dot.com correction, I would think they would be prepared for the next correction....RIGHT...(Wrong)

    That is my job to nominate where my funds are working best, and most importantly the RISK I'm willing to take.

    Anyway I've reallocated funds according to what I think is immerent, before, rather than after.

    Just thought would bring it to attention of some, to avoid making the same mistake.
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    Default Re: Super Performance In 2002-2003

    last week i re-organised my entire fund, out of international shares, into boring bonds, cash, fixed interest etc.

    the last change i made was august 2003 - into international shares, mainly asia, and australian high growth.

    the last change was a great move.
    lets see where this change takes me.

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