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    Traka Resources Ltd (“Traka”) is a mineral exploration company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) in November 2003.

    Traka’s exploration interests are all in the Ravensthorpe area located in the southern coastal region of Western Australia. Traka’s ground holding at Ravensthorpe is extensive and active programs are underway for the discovery of nickel sulphides, iron ore and copper/gold.

    The principals and management of Traka have had extensive experience in the minerals exploration industry and are credited with considerable success in the discovery of mineral resources.
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    Issued Shares 69,605,049
    Top 20 shareholders 56%
    Directors and Management Shareholding 25%
    Market Cap @ 5 cents $3.5 million

    Neil Tomkinson - Non Exec. Chairman (Lawyer)
    Joshua Pitt - Non Exec Director (Geologist)
    George Petersons - Non Exec Director (Prospector)
    Patrick Verbeek - Managing Director (Geologist)

    Musgrave Project
    Highly prospective Proterozoic Terrain
    Discovery history Babel Nebo – Cu, Ni, PGE (392mt @ 0.3%Ni, 0.3%Cu, 0.18g/t PGE)
    Wingellina (Ni Laterite) (180mt @ 1.0% Ni, 0.07% Co)
    Aboriginal Heritage hindered exploration in the past
    First mover opportunity
    Major Joint Venture with Anglo American

    Traka 16 tenements plus 4 JV (5100 sq km)
    •Traka90% / Polaris 10%
    •Traka90% / Amex 10%
    •Traka/Sammy. Traka Option to earn 90%
    •Taka/Rubicon. Traka earning 75%

    Anglo American /Traka JV -14 tenements (4700sq km)
    • Anglo earning 75% by $27m expenditure
    Traka Free Carried to BFS

    Mineral Targets
    *MAGMATIC Cu, Ni, PGE (Voisey Bay - Babel Nebo style)
    Hosted in “Alcurra” intrusives of Giles Complex
    Untested in Traka portfolio
    *TITANIFEROUS MAGNETITE V2O5, TiO2, PGE (Kalplats style)
    Jameson - largest layered intrusive (+ 100km strike potential)
    Highest Vanadium, Titanium and PGE grades (No Australian equivalent)
    Scope for very large project development
    *IOCG Cu, U (Olympic Dam style)
    Late phase A Type Granites – mineralisation in deep structures/breccia and pluton margins
    *PLATINUM Pt, Pd and Au (Platreef style)
    Untested mineralised basal contact zone
    *HYDROTHERMAL Cu (Tollu Mining Centre style)
    Tollu Fault into Traka tenements

    No previous exploration

    •Drill ready targets
    •VTEM and Geochem anomalies
    •Access granted. Heritage completed
    •Strategic and prospective holding around Babel Nebo
    •50% of regional TMR potential
    •TMR - high grade and scope for large tonnes

    Titaniferous Magnetite Rock
    Rock-chip average 46% Fe, 18% TiO2, 0.82% V2O5
    Drilling average for disseminated magnetite style 27% Fe, 9.5% TiO2 , 0.28% V2O5
    Drilling average for massive magnetite style 32% Fe, 15.8% TiO2 , 0.67% V2O5

    • EM anomaly at Jameson Prospect related to Hydrothermal Cu and structures (not TMR)
    • More Hydrothermal Cu in the region

    Mt Muir
    •Giles rocks in Tectonic Zone
    •Late phase A Type Granites
    •Cu, Ni, PGE geochemical anomalies
    •REE anomaly

    Ravensthorpe Project
    •2 JV agreements with Phillips River - alignment to Kundip and Trilogy Projects.
    •1 JV with Galaxy – alignment with Mt Cattlin Lithium/ Tantalum Mine
    Mt Short Base Metal Project
    •8km long horizon on northern extension of Ravensthorpe Greenstone Belt
    •Pb, Zn and Cu geochemical anomalism coincident with EM targets
    •Three of 5 targets drilled
    •Off-hole EM targets suggests main mineralised body to side
    •Pb and Zn dominant
    •Stratabound high metamorphic grade sedimentary rock host
    •No surface expression
    •All targets on farming land crop harvested

    You could do a lot worse than having 2 geologists and a prospector in charge of a spec explorer. Some good JV work by these guys. Worth watching.
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