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    Default A chronic shortage of dwellings

    listening to the radio this morning, i heard that literally thousands of families are living rough, crammed or paying massive rents.

    supply and demand right.

    280 000 immigrants entered oz last year.

    oz doesnt have enough workers to fuel the mining boom, we have to import them. ive got nothing against these people- welcome.

    the demand for homes has therefore massively increased.

    its gonna get worse before it gets better.

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    Default Re: a cronic shortage of dwellings

    Yes very true.

    We are pricing subdivisional works at Roxby Downs.
    BHP are building 10,000 homes over a period.
    all owned by BHP.
    Workers will be given a home to live in as part of the package.
    Rent will be subsidised.

    On a domestic front there is opportunity certainly in SAust for developers.
    There is a sad lack of high density cheap rentals.


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    Default Re: a cronic shortage of dwellings

    at least we wont see a decline in housing prices like the US and potentially europe are having now. Been a home owner i would rather high demand and low supply but i feel for people trying to buy a place.

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    Default Re: a cronic shortage of dwellings

    I think for most of us. The reason there is just such a shortage for rental propertys is that the people no longer wish to do negative gearing. Seriously why would you want to invest $1.00 of your after tax dollars just to get a 30 cent deduction at the end of the year?

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