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    PGM has risen from 53 cents to $1.56 on NO NEWS in the last 2 months. Copped a speeding ticket too. They have a massive PGM play in Greenland ...Skaergaard. Some outstanding plays in Australia...Polar Bear.. Munni Muunni...Fifield... It is well worth doing a bit of research as it isn't too late. Only 38 million shares. Have at least 6 million ozs of gold plus other PGM's in the Greenland mix. Somebody just paid $1.5 billion for one of our neighbours, similar resource but further advanced so its a go up there. Funny how nobody has ever posted on this stock.

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    Thx, but I think a rise like that in such a short time is a little suspect. Perhaps it is good or bad who knows.

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    Smile Re: PGM - Platina Resources

    PGM still firing, up another 11% today now $1.76. What a run we have had and there's more to come. The knockers have been predicting a retrace maybe they missed the boat.

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    After a tip from a friend of a friend, I gingerly got into PGM last December at 0.385 but was soon stopped out @ 0.33. I was a bit winky about them because of the low volume being traded.

    Lost touch with them for a while and completely missed the breakout in March. Have followed them ever since but also missed the latest breakout in September.

    Looking for a re-entry but it may not happen until after another sizable correction. Good luck to those who got in early.

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    Talking Re: PGM - Platina Resources

    well it's dipped down a bit yesterday. Jump in if you think there will be a pre-xmas rally...I am still holding my parcel.

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    Sorry to hear you were stopped out BlueRoo, but I have to say this is not a stock for a stop unless you simply trading.

    It has the biggest Precious Metals resource compared to Market Cap of any stock I know of in Aus or US/Can, and that is at today's prices even after its great run.

    Too long to post here, but as well v good projects here in Aus which justify the MC, the Greenland project is 50m oz PGE including 10moz Au, 30moz Pd, 2mozPt, etc. The previous holders of this resource - Galahad Gold walked away becasue they thought it was uneconomic after the price of Vanadium (also present in the dep) dropped in '05. There models were at $450Au etc etc price assumptions.

    The short story is, if PM prices rise, this company is one of the most undervalued co's anywhere $65m MC for 50m oz PGE resource plus all the Aus projects some with JORC resources. If PM/PGE/base metal prices fall enough, the project becomes uneconomic.

    (I own shares)


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    Smile Re: PGM - Platina Resources

    Well essentialy the business is as good a shape now as it was back in Oct 07 - the Greenland potential is still there and with the sp weakness now, it may be a good time to buy. I bought some more at 67c today and still holding my earlier parcel at 33.5c.

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    I am new to this forum and i would like to know if anyone has an opinion on PGM right now. The shareprice is at 0.20. I think the project in Greenland is interesting and i wonder why the market values it so low.

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    Just as these guys have been mentioned in Garempeiro today, I will add this drill ann. for interest;

    Assay results have been received from only the first 235m of recently
    completed diamond drill-hole FKD10-109 (total depth 451m)
    Exceptional results include the following:
    o 16m @ 479g/t scandium, 0.5g/t platinum, 0.1% nickel, 0.1%
    cobalt and 0.4% chrome
    (11th Nov.)

    I know nothing of scandium, but it is extremely valuable at $1400/kg.
    There was a volume spike on their chart when this was announced but has since settled again.
    Anyone following this story?

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