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    Default Copper drill result help? experts? gurus?

    I am just after some assistance. IF anyone can tell me if the following are good copper results that would be great.

    25 million tonne inferred resource @ 2.02% copper at 400 metres depth.

    How does this stack up to other drill results?

    Is it close to economic?

    What makes a copper deposit mineable or able to run into production.

    If the copper is at depths of 1000 metres what does this mean?

    This is an olympic damn style deposit, that is being drilled at the moment, that I am trying to suss out.

    Any experts?

    A lot of these South Australian companies are drilling olympic damn style deposits, will they ever produce??

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    Default Re: COPPER drill result help? experts? gurus.

    Depth has an inverse relationship to grade the further down you go.

    So at surface the grades around 0.5% may be profitable on long term copper prices, but once you start getting deeper, you need to dig up higher grades to justify the costs.

    2.0% isn't bad but at 400m it would be an underground mine with higher costs than an open pit
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