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    Default "The CFD Revolution is coming!"

    What a clever piece of marketing this is.

    If you haven't yet noticed, it is a banner add at the bottom of each stock thread that I clicked through. A clock ticking down with 12 days to go, but no details of the company or it's concepts. What are they going to revolutionalise?

    You wont know unless you submit your name, and email address...

    Ah ha... A database building process! Curiosity killed the cat....

    Could they be offering a free CFD trading platform with free trades? Maybe they will let you trade today buying at yesterdays prices!. Now that would revolutionise the industry. Big words and big promises await...

    Very, very clever indeed...

    What about they give you a free spam detector to combat the spam they will send once you submit your email address?
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    Default Re: "The CFD Revolution is coming!"


    You've nailed the sneaky marketing on the head... though they (whoever they are) don't have patents on this stragerty as many deploy it...

    I wouldn't give out my home address to a stranger or salesman (), and have them harrase moi...??? so I ain't giving out my email for pie in the sky stunts

    The problem with giving out your main email address to some unscroupoulous (spelling Joe) companies, is that even if you get yourself removed of their primary mailing list, they sometimes have subsitory (spelling) companies that can email you with "can't beleive" products or simply sell off your address in a database bundle 100 time over...

    Very hard to prove or disprove, and legal process is long winded and flimsy given no smoking gun....

    Anyway Not say this company is bad in any way. just removing some of the smoke n mirrors around it

    Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 08:07:18 on 06/10/2007
    ACN 094 570 117

    ABN 95 094 570 117

    Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Registration Date 22/09/2000
    Next Review Date 22/09/2008
    Status Registered
    Locality of Registered Office Mount Lawley WA 6050
    Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission


    Domain Name: cfdrevolution.com.au
    Last Modified: 10-Sep-2007 00:33:44 UTC
    Registrar ID: Domain Directors
    Registrar Name: Domain Directors
    Status: ok

    Registrant: Deuterium Pty Ltd
    Registrant ID: ABN 95 094 570 117
    Eligibility Type: Company

    Registrant ROID: C5395997-AR
    Registrant Contact Name: Andrew Aitken
    Registrant Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

    Tech ID: 3220319990
    Tech Name: Andrew Aitken
    Tech Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

    Name Server: ns1.ibc.com.au
    Name Server IP:
    Name Server: ns2.ibc.com.au
    Name Server IP:

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    Default Re: "The CFD Revolution is coming!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Gundini View Post
    Maybe they will let you trade today buying at yesterdays prices!. Now that would revolutionise the industry.
    thanks gundini ...
    Apart from the fact that I'm not allowed to use em (because I do all my trading in a SMSF), I just don't like the sound of them - and I've sat in on the free talks etc etc

    just want to better understand WHY I don't like em , lol
    some comments from a half baked understanding (and as I say I definitely don't want to go there , lol - )

    but the little I know of them ....
    1. they are dangerous geared up version of trading - winners are serious grinners, and losers are .. , well, serious losers

    BUT there's no way you can improve your odds of coming out ahead

    Is that all? or is there more to know? Is there less chance perhaps?

    2. fees are higher I take it? Hence assuming all your trades balance out over a month to "nil balance/ gross" - your overheads take you under ...

    3. and gundini, would I be right with this one ...
    when you say
    "Maybe they will let you trade today buying at yesterdays prices!. Now that would revolutionise the industry"
    - would that also apply to the "Maybe they will let you trade today buying at todays prices!." ?? I hear some CFD providers asking you to trust them more so than others about guarantee that the rate you get is virtually instantaneous - I just wonder if there are more "rounding up" than "rounding down" if you get my drift (whichever works against you ) .. bit like the NAB foreign exchange scandal a few years back - .
    Now could be I owe the CFD providers a massive apology, but they warn you about their competitors, then it is obviously "on", and something to be aware of.

    Not that I trust Etrade either, lol.

    (Come to think of it, I've noticed $20 notes dissapearing from my wallet lately, and the kids' life style is going through the roof )

    Summary, I like to stick with simple bets - Buy / Hold / or Sell - no such thing as improving your odds, end of story (IMO) (that I'm aware of).

    PS If you have inside information, then gear up as much as you like I suppose - but that's (allegedly) illegal anyways lol.

    PPS I just like getting a bit of background about a particular share around here - cheaper advice, and better than most advice that you might pay for

    PPPS I don't think I owe NAB an apology - I think that's on the record

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    Default Re: "The CFD Revolution is coming!"

    I assumed the ad had something to do with the new ASX traded CFDs.

    I signed up prob 10 days ago...when it first appeared.

    No CFD Spam at all...have i received.

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