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View Poll Results: Which general "strategy" do you regularly use? (You can select more than one answer)

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  • Cigar Butt

    1 7.69%
  • Contrarian

    2 15.38%
  • Value

    4 30.77%
  • Pure Index

    1 7.69%
  • Intraday Arbitrage

    2 15.38%
  • Intraweek Arbitrage

    1 7.69%
  • Intramonth Arbitrage

    2 15.38%
  • Market Following/Speculative

    6 46.15%
  • Dartboard

    0 0%
  • Other

    3 23.08%
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    Post Poll: Preferred Equities Strategy

    • The referred wording for 'arbitrage' takes into account all forms of arbitrage, including say M&A activity arbitrage. This also includes index arbitrages.

    Hello everybody. I was curious to get a feel for which strategies are preferred by ASF members, so I've listed some of the more famous strategies above. My apologies if I missed some.

    Now we all know that we all want the highest returns, but which ones do we actually use? When I say 'highest returns', this also implicitly takes into account your ability to use the strategy yourself, and hence determine your return. (For example: Though I may think intraday arbitrage garners higher returns, I know it would not be feasable for me to do it so I choose, say the next best option which I could feasably do, say intraweek arbitrage etc.)

    I would also be curious what other strategies out there might comprise "other"!

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    Default Re: Poll: Preferred Equities Strategy

    Hmm, tough crowd... I guess we all don't really like to give away our investing secrets!

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