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    Default Eccentrics are necessary, Ernie

    I saw this in the SMH this morning.

    What a wonderful man and such a rich life helping others.

    Any others out there?



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    Default Re: Eccentrics are necessary, Ernie

    Thanks for that, Garpal. Heartwarming indeed.

    In the regional centre where I live we have a man now in his 80's who is a very successful businessman with a chain of home appliance stores. He has given a huge amount to this city and additionally will always help out some disadvantaged person with a second hand appliance which has been thoroughly overhauled at a minimal deposit ($20) and an interest free loan to pay off the price which is usually far below market value. When asked why he does this, he says he remembers his young days in Europe when his family struggled and says he is glad to be able to help ease the difficulties some people face today.


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