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    Default Reporter attacked while live on TV

    Reporter Ben Davis from Channel 7 was harrased and eventually attacked while trying to report on the Melbourne vs Brisbane game outside Olympic Park last night.

    As a Brisbanite I am so dissapointed to see that they were wearing Broncos jerseys...

    If only Shane Webke, who usually reports with Davis was there, these little stains might not have been so tough with 5 against 1.


    Clip for anyone interested.


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    Default Re: Reporter attacked while live on TV

    I could understand it, in a strange kind of way, if it involved reporting on something highly contentious. That's not to in any way condone such behaviour, but at least I could understand the motive if someone didn't like what was being said (I've seen quite a few cases of outright mis-reporting on contentious political issues).

    But sport? That's nothing short of ridiculous and just not on.

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    Default Re: Reporter attacked while live on TV

    Anglo Saxon yobbo culture at it's worst. Embarrassing.

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