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    Default Is this a mirror site?

    I am impressed. I came to visit my good mates from PropertyInvesting.com and see nearly all the members from there are also over here.

    I am excited!!!

    How are Jet?

    Positive, I know YOU missed me!

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    Default Re: Is this a mirror site?

    Welcome and bring it on.

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    Default Re: Is this a mirror site?

    not.. this again guys...


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    Default Re: Is this a mirror site?


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    Default Re: Is this a mirror site?

    Bring what on?

    You seem to be getting excited about something.

    Have you had too much red cordial again?

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    Not red cordial, red bull!

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    Hi Positive.

    I love your post over in Property Investing. I noticed that your boyfriend JetDollars (and leader of the 'Bum Chum Club') locked the thread instead of deleting it.

    I have decided that I will attend one of the Sydney Investing Group meetings so I can meet you and your boyfriend. I think we need to have a chat about a few things.

    I look forward to the meeting.

    By the way, if all you can pick up out of my 2000 plus posts is BigCharts and the definitions of formally and formerly, you have issues. You said "bring it on" earlier. What did you mean by that? I am interested.

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    Default Re: Is this a mirror site?

    The Mortgage Adviser,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Please keep your posts to what the forum is for ie. Shares Investing.

    If you like to argue with me I welcome you in the PRIVATE MESSAGE.
    Warm Regards

    [If you think my post is for recommendations then you are kidding yourself]

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    Dear "The Mortgage Adviser"

    Please enjoy this popcorn instead of harassing people here.

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    JetDollars, a very diplomatic response. Pity you could not be the same over at PropertyInvesting.com. Didn't you tell everyone here how you and your puppet Positive Cashflow launched attack after attack at me over there? Did you tell them how you go upset when my signature stated:

    "When I grow up, I want to be a Storm Trooper"

    Anyway, my comments were directed at Positive Cashflow. They are not your concern. If I wanted to PM anyone, I would have done it by now.

    Jett_Star, thanks for the offer. As much as I love popcorn, I must decline. I only came here for one reason... to show people what JetDollars and Positive Cashflow are really like.

    They remind me of a pair of geeks talking themselves up from behind their screens. When the offer to meet presents itself, they run scared.

    Oh well, it is pretty clear what they are.


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