This stock found its way on to my watch list tonight by way of what most likely is a misleading stoch buy signal. I must profess to not know too much about the company. I won't bother with the chart since it's about as eventful as watching grass grow; the stock has been ranging between 0.02 and 0.03 for more than a year now.

What I do know is that their South African operation is now providing some cash flow but is suffering from a strong South African dollar. The other thing I've noticed that directors have been buying the stock in reasonable quantities over the past few weeks - which is something that has provided me a fairly reasonable indicator of the short term prospects of dog stocks in the past.

I'm not interested in trading this stock until it breaks 0.03 as in all probability it will continue its well charted course for the next fifty years, but I'd be interested to hear some of your better informed opinions on this stock.

Dr J