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    Default Good newspapers/magazines?

    I'm trying to find something good to subscribe to. I know the AFR is the premier source of information, but it is quite expensive! It is heavily tilted towards financial however. I'm looking for something with a bit more mixture (current affairs, politics).

    Things I'm looking at:

    The Economist
    Money Management
    The Bulletin

    What do you guys think is best?

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    Default Re: Good newspapers/magazines?

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    Default Re: Good newspapers/magazines?

    I wouldn't recommend BRW unless you are a management style person.

    I didnt find it all that useful.

    The Economist can be useful for what your looking at.
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    FMH and RALPH are pretty good and financial predictions

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    Default Re: Good newspapers/magazines?



    The Economist

    The Australian Business section

    AFR sucks - sure it breaks stories, but they're so complicated, heavy, boring and frustrating articles to read, and yeah $2.70 (not to mention no crosswords or comics) is a joke
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    I dont read any print publication on a subscribed basis but if i did it would be the Economist. Really good insights IMO.

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    Thanks everyone, I'm going to subscribe to The Economist. I wouildn't normally pay for something, but I'm not going to be a student next year, so might as well get something at 50% off

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    Default Re: Good newspapers/magazines?

    I've had a read of this thread and wonder if anyone has anything else to add?

    Plus are there any good websites that provide daily news updates, preferrably emailed. Not necessarily share tips, but news of companies and the Oz economy.


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