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    The mysterious world of stock forums
    Jill Fraser - September 3, 2007

    Death threats, politics, allegations of insider trading...

    Historically the mysterious world of online stock forums is awash with allegations of dark and sinister goings-on and while many today claim to have stamped out practices such as “ramping” and multi-niccing” the reality is that a cloud will continue to hang over all of them until the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) takes tighter control.


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    "ramping" is something that always confuses me.

    When ever a company fails, ie the recent property developer companies, ASIC basically says, the investor should do their own research, and the investment decisions is theirs.

    When you see a financial planner you agree that the products you buy, it is your decision to buy them.

    So what exactly would ASIC do on a forum. Find a post which is "ramping" up a stock in their opinion and add a message saying that investors should remember that they have to make the decision.

    To me the only problem is a poster trying to sign people up to a product and saying (or ensuring) the product cannot be obtained elsewhere.

    In the end "Caveat emptor" (buyer beware)

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