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    Default Integra Pro?

    Morning all,

    Can anyone give me any feedback on the 'Integra Pro' trading program please?
    One of mum's friends has put her onto it and she's keen.
    It appears to be a 'Hometrader' type system with generated buy sell triggers off tech data.
    I've never heard of it and can't find anything on it anywhere, apart from the home page.

    Appreciate any feedback


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    Default Re: Integra Pro

    If its a black box type system I'd avoid it like the plague.

    That said not heard of Integra before
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    Default Opinions on Integra Pro?

    I am considering purchasing "Integra Pro" from Asian Pacific Share Market Services. Has anyone dealt with this company and can recommend. Is integra pro all it is cracked up to be. As I do not want to do my money I would appreciate any advice. This is my first post and fairly green when it comes to the stock market.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    Ah...u gota love the first time poster....asking question about a 1 size fits all product.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    Quote Originally Posted by jtb View Post
    Morning all,

    Can anyone give me any feedback on the 'Integra Pro' trading program please?
    One of mum's friends has put her onto it and she's keen.
    It appears to be a 'Hometrader' type system with generated buy sell triggers off tech data.
    I've never heard of it and can't find anything on it anywhere, apart from the home page.

    Appreciate any feedback

    Get her a copy of "Incredible charts" and say to see what her mates program will do that this one wont and is it worth $1000 for the difference?

    There are full time traders who use "incredible" and for learners it is tops, but you need to have the Internet going all the time it is running, If you have a 2 or 3 gig connection it is OK, but if you are on the "Bull$hit $19.99 for 4 hours, system then you are $crewed.

    I have no idea how telecom are allowed to advertise that system I was 1.3M Under 3 gig this month and that is good
    Had I been on the $10.00 system I would have had to sell the house.

    If Mum still wants the other program after checking out "incredible" then get her the Free trial version of "AmiBroker" Which apparently is one of the best around and costs about $200. If she decides it is worth it BUT it needs data.

    If after looking at incredible and AMI she still wants the other one then at least you have tried, and she isnt going to blame you if it doesn't do what she thought it would do.


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    Exclamation Re: Integra Pro?

    Integra Pro is being sold by the same company who sells Star Trader. You'll get some very interesting (and conflicting) results if you look up Star Trader. Also try looking up MCI Technologies -one of the old names of Asian Pacific Share Market Services.

    Have a look at this pdf file -law_v_MCI_technologies_pty_ltd- in which a lady had to take them to court to get a refund off them.

    I don't know for sure, but I suspect that 'Star Trader' and 'Integra Pro' may be the same programs. The conclusion I've come to about Star Trader is that it works-- If you enter the right parameters, it will recommend a list of shares to trade in. --it also seems to be grossly overpriced. The price I've been given for Star Trader is AU$8900. Personally I'd much rather invest that money than spend it on a trading program.
    I myself have made a partial deposit and am now wanting a refund. The whole process (obtaining a refund) is looking rather daunting. Be sure that this is something you want to spend your money on before making any

    *Just incase your not aware, this is NOT a investment program but a trading program - if you don't know the difference between investing and trading, I strongly advise you to do some more research.* Trading is high risk-- you can potentially make a lot of money... but you can also lose it.

    p.s. I'm still learning about this stuff myself

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    Thumbs down Re: Integra Pro?

    Hi Guys, Integra Pro is the renamed version of Star Trader. It is a black box for share trading. Although I have never used Integra Pro, I can tell you a lot about the program is came from, Star Trader. I bought Star Trader and used it for about 2 years and found the program to be useless, even in a bull market where you would think you could get some decent results. It is an overpriced piece of software that basically scans the market by using about 4 indicators from memory. To anyone who is thinking about getting this software, in my opinion DON'T waste your money like I did. Just think logically, if the software was any good the company that sells the software (Asia Pacific - stock code AAS) wouldnt have Administrators appointed to try to sort out the financial mess that they are in. The stock is currently suspended from trading and has has been for a while now. I mean surely, if the program did what it claimed to do, then they would be able to use it to make money to prop up their business In my experience it does not do what they claim. Again, I would like to stress these are my opinions that have been formed by using Star Trader and dealing with the company. If the above is not enough to convince you not to buy, think about this; The company and the software seem to keep changing names, why would they need to do this if what they were selling was any good?

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    we wish we weren't so naive ...
    we bought the program in May 2007 after an eager persuasion by a sales person with 100% money back guarantee if we didn't make the money back we spent on the purchace ($6900) within 13 months.
    the program didn't suit us, we were told it only requires 15 mins a day to profit from but it was far more complicated for us to understand and utelise.
    accordingly we claimed the refund 13 months later, then they replied that our claim was being processed. we didn't hear from them for a few weeks so asked them how our refund was going then got a reply saying they required 1 month written notice but it was on its way. after more than 1 month later from the time we made the claim, we received an email saying the company was under an external administration and we had to prove the debt that the company had with us...... and the refund is not looking promising at all.

    we are not knowledgeble at all of the relating laws regarding such case and puzzled by this. $6900 is a lot of money for us and we only spent so much because they guranteed 100% money back if we didn't profit from the product. We are feeling so ripped off but absolutely lost where to turn to.

    I have just read the PDF file (MS LAW's case at Victorian civil tribunal) posted above, maybe we can seek help in similar way in QLD, although I don't really know where to start, how much it will cost at this stage...

    Any comment/advice would be appreciated.

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    Angry Re: Integra Pro?

    Hi Marsbingles, not sure where you can go to from here. Given what I have read in various other posts, I was fully expecting that response. It looks like if you want your money back you will have to find a way to take them to court because I dont think these guys are very ethical and stand by there promises. Even then, you will have to get passed the administrators. It's probably a case of wait in line. I myself have just written it off as an expensive lesson which is what these guys count on I guess, but I have wasted too much time on trying too make a profit from their crap program already and I cant afford to waste any more. I just wish there was more information like this out on the internet when I was purchasing. That's why I want to spread the word about how useless I found this program to be. If I can save 1 person from not wasting their money, I will be satisfied. Sorry I counldnt be any more help.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    Did anyone end up getting there money back. I'm in the same situation.

    I have been sending my reports in to the customer help desk every month even after APAG went into receivership and keep getting told that my warranty was valid and up to date. Then when I lodged my form last week I was told that I have to that the warranty was with APAG and I have to try to get the money from the receiver.

    The funny thing is i have emails from the start of September saying my warranty is up to date this was from the people at onlinestock data. They supposedly online supply the data for integra pro but do not sell the program.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    Looks lika the parent company AAS for this crap software is gone. Be carfull however, as I am sure they will pop up again under another name claiming they have this great software that will make you so much money. The Liquidators have declared teh shares "WORTHLESS". I lost Money to this crowd, and I am gald to see them gone. To anyone out there, DONT BUY BLACK BOX TYPE SOFTWARE, IT DOESNT WORK. IF IT DID, THIS THESE GUYS WOULDNT HAVE GONE BUST.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    thank you for the responces, Myopinion and Aaron23.

    that is SO WRONG that customer support at onlinestockdata kept telling you that your warranty is valid until you lodged the claim. that's exactly what happened to us, but we were told to contact Korda Mentha as of 11th Aug 2008 (7wks after we lodge the claim, which was even before you received those emails telling you your warranty was valid). it is so obvious that the customer support has been lying to you, well i call it deceiving

    we are still very upset about this experience and angry with the people we delt with including those at the customer support (people with email domain; @customerservicedesk.net), who had represented Asia Pacific Sharemarket Services PTY LTD and had been dealing the refund claim with us, now are working at the resolution department of Onlinestockdata. They have responded to us that whatever said then aren't valid.

    We are very keen to take this story to media, if there are innocent customers still out there purchasing data from Onlinestockdata and believing their warranty of the software was valid, they have the right to know it won't be the case.

    We appreciate it very much if any of you in the similar situation could join us sharing the story with the public.
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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    We have reported this case to ASIC.
    We have also send the story to ACA, hopefully they can let the innocent people out there know that their refund are no longer valid, and warn people to stay away from these deals.
    We feel that we are facing a wall it's been a very bitter and expensive learning experience, still very upset with the arrogant staff at the customer service desk.
    I guess all I can do now is to let karma sort it out

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    Hi all, as I mentioned in an earlier note be careful as these guys will show up again under a diffrent company name. Asia Pacific group went bust so now Star Trader/Integra pro is called Integra Stock and is being flogged by a crowd called Avestra Group. Not sure exactly what the connection is between what was Asia Pacific Group and Avestra Group but I'm sure it's there somewhere. At the end of the day, I think it's still the same rubbish they were selling before. I dont know how these guys can get away with it.

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    I'm surprised most of you guys fell that way about Integra. I brought the programme back when it was called the Star Trader and find it very educational and rewarding. I don't have a problem with it and find it quite impressive that it generates stocks stocks based on profit compound. Plus other goodies. Cost me a packet but I've certainly got my back and them sum.
    i believe it's all about having the right Integrity and a positive attitude. And a little Respect wouldn't go a stray either.
    "PARTY HARD" Do your own research Enter, at 0wn Risk. http://share-trading.rjf.com.au/

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    Default Re: Integra Pro?

    For anyone reading this thread as means purchasing software.

    As the programs i was previously using are now very old they are finding that more and more that they will not load or run properly on newer computers.
    They still supply data to some of these products but there is no customer support or updates to the programs.

    Last year they decided to build their own software program which would take clients into the future. Equity-smart is a web based program so if your computer was to crash you will not lose all the information you have stored in the program; ie. Portfolio, watch-list etc.
    The Equity-smart program has a monthly data subscription fee of AUD$45.00 which includes; Daily data Customer Support via email Software version upgrades New Software upgrades. recommended for swing traders and investors. simple easy to use, with unique scanning capability's in my view.

    "PARTY HARD" Do your own research Enter, at 0wn Risk. http://share-trading.rjf.com.au/

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