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    hie guys

    Please help me with this.

    How do you go about when applying for IPO? I've got accnts with Etrade n commsec but I noticed not much is offered in the new floats section. How do ppl usually for a particular IPO when they are not listed in their brokerage accnt?

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    Hi. Just download the prospectus from the company website and there is usually an application form at the end of it. Good luck though, I read not long ago about an investor who had applied for 22 floats and hadn't been successful in one single one.

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    I have applied for a few IPO's and the main concern is whether you get your allocation or not. Normally if you are attached to the sponsored broker mentioned in the prospectus you can get your desired allocation. There are a few sites that get IPO access for site members www.prospectus.com.au and investsmart.com.au are a couple to get some info from. If you do go through one of these, you may need to call the advanced share registry (the number is within one of the threads in this forum somewhere - sorry for the lack of detail) to confirm what amount you have received.

    Hope that helps.

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    The late Rene Rivkin used to say that for the general public, the only IPOs you will get shares in, are the ones you don't want

    I think that is fairly close to the mark
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    if you get in early you will get an allocation

    last year I was quick to send off my application for shares in the UTO float - it was many times oversubscribed and rose 400% in the first hour of trading - not all IPO's are this successful but if you are quick you will reap the rewards

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    I go through Macquarie for some, those other sites as mentioned above for others, and if no one else has them and i like it i get in early by sending an application via the prospectus.

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    Debaron might also be worth visiting shares.com.au and visiting the IPO forum(Joe will probably send me a bolt of lightning for plugging another site)As Macca said it is sometimes the case that if you can get it it aint worth getting however as Imajica said its not always the case.I have had MRU,NTU,ZNC and a few others who have all done at least 200% in a short space of time-MRU was actually 500% and Ntu was800% and in the case of alll 3 of these great floats i got all that i applied for using mine and my families names.Its often a good ploy to apply for the minimum but in other family members names,only problem is if its a dud you end up with a lot of dead money.Also becoming a client of several full service brokers is a good idea.My experience so far with prospectus.com is that they dont get the best IPOs

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    Another way to increase your chance of an allocation in a spin-off is to buy shares in the original company so you get preference. I did that for NTU, bought a small parcel of POL shares and got the full amount of NTU I applied for. It was the first time I had applied for an IPO, and it was heavily oversubscribed. So the preference arrangement made the difference in my case.

    Would agree that it's very hard to get in on startups otherwise, unless you have a broker contact.


    PS I promptly sold my POL shares after NTU listed, and am regretting it now! But NTU did very well for me, so I can't complain too much ...

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