not many is born into the packer's or the murdoch's family. i was reading in an artical at Borders about a 'failure-in-school' boy who took up an early apprecticeship in jewellery making whom eventually became one of the world's top diamonds seller! can't remember his name except his story.

so discussion is, what makes a rich person? what experience or even hardships do they go thru to make them the person they are? what sort of personalities do they possess that affects their networking capabilities? an extrovert is easier to become rich than an introvert? people who takes risk has a high probability than people who takes low risk?

my personal experience is with my present boss. he used to work for a city council which allows him to meet with australia's major developers. he is outgoing and sociable. the content of his conversation is intelligent... sometimes a bit off...but makes sense most of the time.

my last boss is a load of hot air but he networked well. he is entrepreur enough to set up his business in areas where there's demand for his services without much competition. he struggles to communicate with his male employees. reason? beats me. no doubt, he is successful with a company that runs for 17 years with 3 offices in australia, employing 15 people in total.

just curious how these successful make it.