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    Id like to find out what the best software is for keeping track of your portfolio. I want something that will keep track of all trades and look up and update prices. It would also be good if it could keep track of dividends as well as differentiate between trades held longer than a year and calculate the total taxable income. I have looked at the excel spreadsheets on this forum but Im not sure if excel is able to update prices automatically. Is there a purpose built program. What is the most popular out there??

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    Hi Halfwheel,

    Welcome to ASF!

    The software you are referring to is called portfolio management software. Here are a few threads on this topic to get you started:


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    Agree with Shane---by a country mile.

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    Thanks for your help everyone. I tried Stator but found an excel spreadsheet suited me better. "Professor Frink" helped me make it (Im hopeless at excel)
    Thanks again

    Halfwheel (Alan)

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