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    A quick analysis of today, for those of you who dont know this traders are active in the mornings, and fundmanagers know this so they stay out of the market, waiting to see how events unfold, and then they step in to buy/sell in the afternoon,

    For example today, traders panicked and sold in the morning, their pockets are not that deep, so sometimes they are forced to sell at the first sign of things heading down. This afternoon however the fundmanagers came in, their pockets are very deep and snapped up the bargains, reversing what was at one point a 4% fall to just a 1.5% fall by the time the markets closed

    I'd say the fundmanagers definitely think the selling is overdone since goinf from a 4% fall to just a 1.5% fall would require a fair amount of buying and cash.

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    Thanks ,very useful information.
    Is this a general rule or is it particularly evident at this time of Correction?

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