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    what % fall in the indices will trigger a market shutdown


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    I'm not sure, but the market makers aren't currently showing a buy or sell quote on the index warrants that I checked. Maybe it was just a coincidence on the particular ones I looked at. They wer an hour ago.

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    In 1987 the market gapped 50%. We're down 5% on the day...

    The ASX has no shut down limits like the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Radge View Post
    The ASX has no shut down limits like the US.
    cheers nick

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    Hi Guys,

    The SFE shut down thats why no indice data on many sites.


    IMPORTANT Halt to SFE Markets 16 August 2007
    All SFE Markets will be halted at 12.45pm to address an urgent hardware rectification (unrelated to trading volumes).
    Advanced notice is provided to all users in order that this unscheduled market pause is managed as effectively as possible.
    The expected halt to trading is between 45 and 75 minutes. The re-opening times for products will be communicated via the Sycom System Status on the ASX website.
    SFE Markets will recommence without a pre-open, however users will have an opportunity to cancel orders prior to the resumption of trading.
    Participants are advised to ensure their users and Direct Market Access clients are aware of the market pause and process for resumption of trading.
    Please utilise the ASX website as the primary source of information. Highlights of available information will be provided via the Sycom Message Facility.

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