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    Started out comparing the miniscule sector of geothermals - hot rocks - which might prove to become a sizzler in the coming months - and came up with this table.

    Note that it's by no means an exhaustive table, I can't locate some info eg. rock depths, for every company.
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    mmm..looks like that's the biggest I can resize the table to.
    geez...these frisky little tables are difficult to upload.
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    Default Re: Geothermal plays discussion

    What a load of hot air this thread is bound to be...

    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Joe, thanks, i think the table looks OK, it's the maximum width of the thread now anyway. just that reader's eyes might be strained just a tiny bit more reading it.

    Anyway, the point I was trying to come to was, I noticed that out of the lot of them rocks stocks, 3 provided hard dates of production :

    2008 - GDY : Pilot Power Plant completed
    2009 - PTR : 1st sale to Beverley mine
    2011 - GRK : Pilot Power Plant completed

    Seems to me that GRK is trading at a discount to the rest of the hot rocks. at 11.5c, it's got a timetable and is even cheaper than the upcoming IPO of another hot rock play - KEN.

    Anyone got any opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chops_a_must View Post
    What a load of hot air this thread is bound to be...

    Well if the sp goes shooting forth like them geysers, then...aye! and yes! to lots of hot air!

    Anyway...trying to get myself into position as everywhere I turn, there's environmental issues sprouting out.

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    i agree about your sentiments on GRK...
    i like GRK, TEY and PTR as the three lowest market cap geothermal plays... and all have some fascinating projects.

    TEY in particular seem to be thinking outside the sqaure and looking at hot rocks not just for geothermal power, but also to reduce coal usuage at existing power stations by hybrid coal / hot rock heated water. Also, they have a project to use hot rocks for desalinated water.

    PS: i hold GRK and TEY, looking to get into PTR, but the latest dramas in global markets means there may be a cheaper entry point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafa View Post

    PS: i hold GRK and TEY, looking to get into PTR, but the latest dramas in global markets means there may be a cheaper entry point.
    i'm not sure if they will go lower...but the current market is unforgiving indeed. the smaller capped geothermals are getting the worst lashing - see table. problem with the really small caps is that traders tend to ditch it en masse when jitters arrive.

    PTR looks good as they have the stuff that will generate news and announcements -
    - JV with Beach Pet
    - Project with Aus/China gov
    - MOU with Heathgate to supply power

    when it gets down to comparing apple to apple, these sort of JVs and connections will be a big drawcard.

    and also with the $5mill Federal REDI grant and $8mill cash in hand, they look like they can run a long distance before stopping for another fund raising.

    and heck, they're already into designing the wells already. these people look like they can make it.
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    Default Re: Geothermal plays discussion

    AGM have stated that they are investigating the possibility of thermal generating as there are heated underground rocks in the areas close to their nickel mine. VPE and LKO also are partners in leases prospective for hot rock development.
    Both these are long shots but do add value to their core businesses.

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    Default Re: Geothermal plays discussion

    well actually geothermals are sort of like offshoot of the uranium industry.

    in the SA region where uranium is being prospected (cuy,ags, heathgate etc etc) the geothermals are all in that area...fast becoming like the 'Pilbara' of hot rocks.

    PTR has got a clever idea - generate electricity from near the uranium heated area, and then sell it next door to Beverley.

    I hold only EDE of the geothermals at themoment.
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    Default Re: Geothermal plays discussion

    THE AUSTRALIAN (www.theaustralian.news.com.au)

    Western Australia (WA) is issuing nearly 500 geothermal
    energy exploration permits, each of 320 square kilometres
    . 'We
    need to diversify our energy supply to keep up with the demand
    for domestic power, as well as to make a positive contribution to
    the environment,' the state's Resources and Energy Minister, Fran
    Logan, said yesterday. He said bids for the exploration permits
    would close on April 24. The release of the exploration permits
    follows requisite amendments to WA's Petroleum Act that came into
    effect last week.. Page 34.

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