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    In regards to public offering say the open date is 1st September, can I send away my cheque now and get put in a queue or do I have to wait till after the open date before I can physically send the cheque?

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    Not sure; I usually wait till it opens before sending the cheque. Just to avoid complications.

    Besides, there's plenty of time from open date to close date for the cheque to arrive at their doorstep. I don't think they grant IPOs based on first come first served.

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    Okay thanks for the info purple, some nice looking companies coming up shortly. I was wanting to get a position in Niplats but closed early oversubscribed unfortunately.

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    no problem there, there's lots more IPOs coming out of the woodwork.

    so much so that its getting heavier to research each IPO thoroughly...have to just get a quick read through the prospectus and pick up the juicy bits...and then seethe as another IPO goes vertical!

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