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    Default USD vs. EURO

    there is a clear trend move here. Is anyone trading this ? how are you doing it and how is it going ??

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    Default Re: USD vs EURO

    Hi Obi

    I thought that you were against trading

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    Default Re: USD vs EURO

    yes I think it is a waste of money, doesn't mean I don't find it interesting

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    Not trading it but had a technical look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obiwan
    yes I think it is a waste of money, doesn't mean I don't find it interesting

    If you had or ever find a way to turn a consistent profit then trading would no longer be to you a waste of money in your veiw,I would suggest.
    See I have a problem with most "advisors" in the industry------They themselves are looking for answers.They have nett worths far less than most of their clients.How can they be in the position to advise anyone.

    Why would anyone keep throwing money into super when after costs it returns less than inflation! To me Super will be the DUD of the century when 1000s find that all thats left is insufficient for retirement.

    If you dont take care of your own affairs (financially) Youll just be one of a crowd with a little spending money at the RSL.

    But OBI you seem to have your own method that your happy with---may the force be with you.

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    Out of interest how do you come up with 1.315 as being bearish?

    I personally think the usd sell off was overdone. However china may yet surprise us by changing the yuan peg.

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    Mark its a very quick analysis I havent even looked at other timeframe charts.
    But quickly.$1.315 is roughly the low of the consolidation (The Box).It amy trade to there but if it goes lower then a defined retracement will be in place.
    Lower highs if they are made would help confirm.

    Im not saying that the whole USD/EURO would then be in a bear trend just bearish.

    Frankly I exect a range.After all thats what charts do most of the time.

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