Hi all,
Just thought I'd jump in one this one. Obviously anyone who saw it in Outstanding Breakouts would know that it has made a significant move in the past week.

Just thought I'd put in my post from there as some fundamental analysis

Their lead recycling operation is definitely going to be in the black with the way lead has gone over the last 6 months! Their current production is around 500 tonnes of Pb a month, which corresponds to $1.5m a month at todays price. They are looking to expand that to around 1200 tonnes a month (don't know timeline?) which would be at least $2.5m a month @ $2000/tonne. That's $30m a year without their other operations.

With 300m shares on issue, forecast profit gives about PE of 10.9. Next years could be around 6 which gives good upside IMO. WHat do others think?