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    Question Euro/U.S. Dollar exchange rate?

    The U.S. dollar has fallen to new lows against the Euro and is now wallowing at around 1.36:1

    Anyone care to hazard a guess as to where the U.S. dollar might bottom out?

    I suspect it is unlikely to hit 1.5:1 but feel it might get very close to that (maybe 1.45:1) before we see the beginnings of a real turnaround.

    I would be particularly interested in the views of those who are very familiar with world currency markets.

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    Default Re: Euro/U.S. Dollar exchange rate?

    I don't know nothing about currencies. How low ? how long is a piece of string, who knows, who cares ?? Someone once asked me how low AMP would go when it was $20 and I said I wouldn't buy it for 7, and they looked amazed, I think it went to 4 or 5.

    I like this chuck guy on currencies, goto
    click on daily pfennig icon.

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