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    Cool Holiday Destinations!

    Hey guys just thought that perhaps we could have a thread of possible holiday destinations and ideas as well as include tips and you experiences...

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    Quote Originally Posted by insider View Post
    Hey guys just thought that perhaps we could have a thread of possible holiday destinations and ideas as well as include tips and you experiences...
    Mate, I'm goin to Queenstown NZ for 10 days on the 27/08. I haven't been to the snow since I was 17. From what I've heard summer is just as good, a dream holiday for me would be an 12 month tour of NZ in my 4wd.... Roughin it in my hilux : ) albeit with a hotwater system and a camper trailer... sorta roughen it? the handbrake would come along too.

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    Well i could say many places like Sardinia, Toscana (Marche or Umbria) and so many others but to say 1 would have to be my honeymoon.

    Tahiti staying in an overwater bungalow, and dont kid yourself the photos actually represent how it looks not like some other places that airbrush the photos to make it look more exotic then what it actually is.

    2 memorable events were quad biking in the mountains and jet skiing on the crystal clear lagoon on both clear blue sky days.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat View Post
    Mate, I'm goin to Queenstown NZ for 10 days on the 27/08. I haven't been to the snow since I was 17. From what I've heard summer is just as good, a dream holiday for me would be an 12 month tour of NZ in my 4wd.... Roughin it in my hilux : ) albeit with a hotwater system and a camper trailer... sorta roughen it? the handbrake would come along too.
    Pat, I dare you to have a swim in Lake Wakatipu while you are in Queenstown!
    Have a wonderful holiday. If there is a God, then he created Central Otago and the southern lakes and mountains of NZ.

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    Hey Pat - I'm going to Queenstown on Friday! I'll let you know how good it is when i get back :-)

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    Some of my favourites, in no particular order

    Zakopane, Poland - Nestled in the Tatra mountains on the Polish/Slovakian border a couple of hours from Krakow. It's a small town of about 30k with good bars, a great atmosphere and in winter you can ski down the main arcade to the ski lift. The locals are friendly, it's cheap and if you're not into skiing there is some world class hiking. For a great holiday, combine it with a trip to Krakow.

    Boracay, Philippines - OK, its not the cheapest place you'll go in SE Asia and its not the easiest to get to by a long shot. Once you get there though, everything else is a world away. The beaches are that tropical blue you see on TV, the sand is white and soft - almost like flour and you can pass the days by drinking coconuts from trees that line the beaches in between getting massages, drinking cocktails or snorkling/diving/jetskiing etc etc.

    Margaret River, Western Australia - Had to include an Aussie place. I love wine, cheese and chocolate, so in 'Margs' I've got it made. The beaches are first class (especially if you're into surfing) and so is much of the food. My only tip is try to avoid most of the restaurants on the main street.

    More, that I might write on given the time - Bled (Slovenia), Budapest (Hungary), Munich/Berlin (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julia View Post
    Pat, I dare you to have a swim in Lake Wakatipu while you are in Queenstown!
    I was there two summers ago and swam. The conditions are deceptive...blue sky, warm sun, turquoise blue water...and then you touch it. Thankfully I'm a Victorian, so I'm used to it. Queenslanders, look out!

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    queenstown rocks!!!

    some restaurants to check out while ur there!!

    The Bunker

    The Cow

    Solera Vino

    the bars are also awesome

    - the spire is very special

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    Default Re: Holiday Destinations!

    Gday, Im a QLDEr currently on leave at the moment I arrived in the skifields on the north Island of NZ last week had a fantastic time while writting this im in my Auckland hotel waiting to board my cruise ship to cruise home to Brissie via the pacific islands.
    Life is tough at the moment...lol.

    Thank God im not relying on any recent profits from the market to fund this trip as I have 50% of my portfolio suffing losses in the last week

    Ill let you all know what a P & O suite is like later


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    Just arrived back from Singapore....where I spent 2 weeks on holidays...as far as Singapore or Asia...its all GO....and buildings are being build at $500million plus in Orchard street...who said there is a recession...not in Asia...went to Malaka in Malaysia....all go...had lunch there and looked around...also looked at Santosa where the latest Casino being build...and Harbourtown there latest shopping centre with 1000 shops....travelled on their newest underground..all great news there...came back home for a holiday...off again in September for another look in Asia....this time for a months....let you know what I have seen...oh, by the way..a cup of coffee in Singapore..$6....and its NOT cheap there anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sting View Post
    Ill let you all know what a P & O suite is like later

    Sting, I'm particularly interested in this. Look forward to hearing all the details.

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    Just returned from two weeks in Asia. First week in Krabi, Thailand and the second week in North Vietnam - Hanoi and Sapa. Highlight was Sapa (get an overnight train from Hanoi). It is nice and cool - coming from Darwin, the 20 degree days was cool for me and a nice change. The place has excellent food, friendly people and cheap as chips. 4 rounds of beers, 4 mains, 2 entre's worked out to be AUD$5.50 per head - there were 4 of us. Specifically ask for cold beer though. Hire a scooter at USD$8 per day or trek around - you see so much via the scooter. The town is small (around 40K people so traffic isn't a problem). Get Vietnamese Dong (local currency) and a few USD. Spent three days there and could have handled five. Should be cooler in December as it is their winter.

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    Hey guys well I'm currently planning a 3 week holiday to Thailand with some friends... Now we haven't gotten together for specific plans but we will be going in April. I was hoping if some of you guys could suggest a few things to do there... I had some on my mind but haven't researched into depth:

    - Mountain Bike tour
    - Riding elephants, could be cool
    - Shopping
    - designing my own tailor made suits and clothes (apparently it's cheap over there)
    - Heaps of socializing
    - Architecture tours
    - Laying by beaches

    Can anyone suggest some must do's and see's ?

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    Well this thread didn't quite take off like I wanted it to... Oh well I'm just popping in to say that I'm leaving overseas to Thailand this Friday night for 3 weeks and then to Brazil for 6 weeks... so good luck every body I wonder how the market will be when I return in June...
    P.S. Should I take US dollars to Thailand or just take Aussie Dollars? Anyone with experience? Any tips?

    As they say in Vietnam Bonvoyage

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    I've spent a fair bit of time in Thailand and have traveled its provinces extensively.

    Currency: No need for US currency as the Thai baht rules. Before you head overseas talk to your bank about overseas ATM fees. There are ATMs everywhere especially outside 7-11 and Family Mart convenience stalls. You'll get anything between 23 - 29 baht to the $AU these days.

    Elephants: Called chang in Thai. You'll find someone walking around through popular night spots with a baby elephant selling sugar cane or peanuts. It's a common occurrence in tourist spots such as Koh San Rd, between Asok and Nana, and the infamous Patpong Rd.
    Probably heading up to Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai are your best bets for an elephant safari. It will probably include an elephant ride, a a few hours on a bamboo raft down a river and visiting some hill tribe people. They can be day trips or a few day adventure. I would imagine a day trip like that would be around 800 - 1500 baht depending on what's included.

    Shopping: In Bangkok, MBK is a huge shopping centre. There is a Robinsons down by the river near Central Pier. Get off at the last stop on the BTS line, Saphon Taksin.
    If you caught the sky train (BTS) to Nana and walked back along Sukhumvit Rd toward Siam Square you will find a tonne of modern shopping centres. Panthip Plaza is also nearby and is about 7 stories of electronics. Some things are cheap, some are on par if you are savvy in Australia.
    Most provinces will have a major shopping centre. Of course there are the street stalls. Quality varies but you can get some really good value products. You can get genuine Perfumes aftershaves at great prices if you know what you want and are at the right place at the right time.

    Tailors: Could write until the sun came up and still not scrape the surface. remember you get what you pay for. If someone says they will give you 2 suits, two shirts and a tie for $150au don't be suprised when it fall apart after the first wear.
    Go for a measure up and choose your fabrics and style. Set the price at this time. Remember if you push the price too low, the quality will suffer. Give them a couple of days to stitch up the basics and have a first fitting and then a few days for a final fitting. Putting down a reasonable deposit at time of ordering in normal. I personally avoid buying from any shop where there is a guy of Indian decent calling me "big boss" and to "come on in"..

    Socialising: If you are referring to bar girls, I can't help you there. If you want to meet locals in their envoiroment, that will be easy. Thais are very social people. Outdoor dining in night bizzarres are common all over the country. Try to learn some basic Thai phrases, always be sure to use polite particles such as "krup" at the end of the sentences for guy and "ka" for girls. If you pull out a few Thai plesantries to the locals they may very well be so excited about you trying to learn their language, they'll be a friend for life!
    There is a very real social structure in Thailand. It's easy to pick after some time with the language used.

    Architecture tours: Pick a Wat any Wat.. I really like the areas of Surin and Chantaburi in the south east. It's not so tourist friendly, though.

    Laying on Beaches: Personal Fav was Koh Chang near Trat. I hear now the west coast is now full of 7 -11 and most of the beach bungalows. Some great waterfalls and swimming holes. There is a fishing villiage at the bottom of the island. On the east side of the island there were some bungalows and very little else. The best accomodation (in my not so humble opinion)in Thailand can't be booked in advance. It's just a local with a few bungalows on the beach / by the river / whatever and if they aren't rented at the time you get there, it's yours.

    Other places are KOh Samui - I've heard has gone the way of Koh Chang. In the North of Koh Samui is a fisherman villiage named Bo Put. Along that street are a few bars and the ferry to Koh Pha Nang. There is also a little shop front called the Oasis Restaurant run by a lovely lady called May. She has some stunning bungalows in the back of the house / restaurant for a couple of hundred baht. It will be low season, so you'd probably be a walk up start.
    North of Samui is Koh Pha Nang and is famous for the full moon parties. That's not for me but the island is a gem.. The west and the north has beautiful beaches and seclusion. At the very north west of the island at low tide you can walk to another small island and stay at the bungalows there. If you are lazy, just flick a fisherman a hundred baht and he'll take you there.
    North of Pha Nag is Koh Tao, the northern island in the group of three in the Gulf of Thailand. Some good shipwreck for scuba in the 60 - 70 metre region. Vis is ordinary though.

    Koh Samet is another option but now I hear is a millionaire's paradise.

    Phuket: The good the bad and the ugly hehehe..
    I like the south west end of Phuket. For me Patong (the famous beach) is just too full on with expensive restaurants and too many hawkers. Nice seafood,though. Bangla rd and all the accompanying sois are worth a look once in your life. Watch out though, one of those sois is only for lady boys... I'll let you find that one yourself.
    The beaches south are Karon and Kata. There are a few other beaches on the very south of the island but I forget the names. Have stayed there though and it's not oo bad. There is A Muay Thai training camp down that way, too. The Southern beaches are quieter and much more relaxing. You can island hop to Phi Phi and then back to the mainland (Krabi) easily.

    In General: Flighing is cheap if you are in a hurry to be somewhere. Try Nok Air, Air Asia and Bangkok Air for internal flight. Often there are stupidly cheap fares.

    - You may get to see the waterfestival, songkran. Be prepared to get wet.
    - eat from the street stalls. If locals are eating, you know it's good.
    - Second class sleepers on trains are good value and reasonably comfortable. First class sleepers are usually more expensive than flying. I prefer trains as you get to see the countryside. Buses come in different classes, too even local buses.
    - Canal boats in Bangkok are a great way to get around.
    - The Chiang Mai Chiang Rai region is lovely and very hilly. Their food is in vast contrast to southern places like Surat Thani.
    - Going to the friendship bridge into Laos is easy to do and well worth it. Head north from Udon Thani.
    - Kanchanaburi is a nice spot with history and just a few hours west of Bangkok. 2000 baht for a taxi one way. 150 baht by mini bus. Along the river kwai noi you can stay in pole homes, tree houses, stone bungalows for as low as 100 baht a night.. That will be cold shower and non flush toilet, thought.Some lovely waterfalls north of there. head on to Si Sawat for some really amazing national parks.
    - There is an awesome all you can eat (including seafood) place on New Petchaburi rd near the Amari hotel. Can't remember its name but if you get in a pink cab that has a "i love farang" sign on the window, they will find it for you. Awesome value for about 200 baht. You even have to catch your own live shellfish and cook it hehe.. It seats about 500 people under a bigtop.

    This is a second attempt, I lost the first post and now it's late... If you want to know some specifics, pm me if you like..

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    Default Re: Holiday Destinations!

    I'm off to Phuket, Rome, Florence, Venice, Brussels & Paris at the end of the year on my first ever overseas adventure. Would appreciate any advice on each of my destinations, particularly what not to do


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    Best holiday destination in Australia Far North Quensland.

    1. Atherton tablelands, tree kangarros, lush green farmland, wide variety produce, old pubs, bed and breakfast, historic villages, rainforest and platypus, farmer markets.

    2. Wild caving chillagoe

    3. Undara Lava Tubes.

    4. Cape York aboriginal art

    5. Make a didgeridoo, horse riding cattle station Mt Mulligan (QLD'S Uluru)

    6. 4WD through rainforest Mt lewis, Creb track, Bloomfield track

    7. White water rafting Barron or Tully river

    8. Tropical fruit wine tastings. Mango champagne, lemon liquer, black sapote liquer etc.

    9. Tropical fruit farm Cape Tribulation.

    10. Palm Cove . Spa captial fo Australia, most beautiful melaleuca trees, palm lined beach, resort paradise.

    11. Mission beach, relax, chill out and sip a lemonade on the beach under a palm tree looking out to Dunk and turquiose water littered with white sails.

    12. Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls.

    13. Cooktown, history and beauty on the edge of the wilderness.

    14. Lizard island for those keen divers with lots of $$.

    15. Port Douglas Nice resort town, nice pubs.

    15. Of course the GBR itself. Cruise liveaboard, day trips ,helicopter trips, trips to Osprey reef, cod hole, pure white sand cays, islands like Frankland. Endless choices. Or maybe a spot of fishing.

    North Queensland tourism please send cheque lol

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    Who the bloody hell can afford a holiday with the market in the state it is and my portfolio down 50% from the beginning of the year?

    Though I guess the A$ is high so the US is cheap. Still doesn't make up for losses on the market but.

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    Bon Voyage Insider!

    Having never been to Thailand, I have no experience to bear.

    ...A word of advice though...If ALL the animals run for the hills, follow them, aparantly it's a tsunami warning. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absolutely View Post
    Who the bloody hell can afford a holiday with the market in the state it is and my portfolio down 50% from the beginning of the year?

    Though I guess the A$ is high so the US is cheap. Still doesn't make up for losses on the market but.
    It's just a ticker unless you leverage into stock then you are in a bit of trouble but for others they just invest with their hard earn saving and as long as the stocks pay nice dividend and not going belly up .. it just a ticker that tick along like a heart beat
    "cash - a call option with no expiration date, an option on every asset class, with no strike price. Warren Buffett

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