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    Default SBR - Sabre Resources

    DYOR on this one..

    I hold a few here.. now they are just coming out to play!

    2 August 2007


    v Acquisition of all issued capital of Link National Pty Ltd, holder of a 70% interest in highly prospective Ongava base metal project in Namibia;

    v Consideration for acquisition is A$13m (cash/scrip);

    v Independent valuation of project is A$90M (with Sabre share A$63M)

    v Project area covers 800 km2 of the Otavi Mountain Land, including THREE insitu lead-zinc deposits and more than TWENTY TWO lead-zinc-copper-vanadium prospects;

    v The insitu Lead-Zinc deposits at project represent an exploration target in excess of 16 million tonnes, grading at more than 4.5% combined Lead & Zinc, and;

    v Significant opportunity to undertake exploration in a highly prospective base metal province, which has historically hosted a number of ‘world-class’ base metal ore bodies, including the Tsumeb & Abenab mines;

    Australian exploration and development company Sabre Resources Ltd (“Sabre” or “the company”) has entered into an agreement to acquire 70% in the highly prospective exploration tenement EPL 3542 known as the Ongava base metals project (Ongava project) located in northeastern Namibia (refer Fig 1), for a total consideration of A$13m (cash/scrip).

    Independent geologist Malcolm Castle has recently valued this project at A$90m, with the 70 per cent share held by Sabre valued at A$63m.

    The Ongava project covers approximately 800km 2 of highly mineralised carbonate stratigraphy in the Otavi Mountain Land (OML). The OML hosts a wealth of mineral deposits, including the renowned Tsumeb and Kombat copper mines, as well as the historic Berg Aukas (zinc), Guchab (copper) and Abenab (vanadium) mining operations.

    The project is well serviced by roads, power and rail services and lies less than 35 kilometres to the southeast of Weatherley International’s Tsumeb smelter, which processes base metal concentrates from all over southern Africa. The lead-zinc mineralisation within the deposit areas starts from surface and has yet to be extensively explored.

    Sabre Resources Exploration Consultant, Tim Putt, believes the company is fortunate to have acquired such a highly prospective project in a nation that is committed to the development of world-class resources projects.

    “The Ongava project occupies a strategic position within the Otavi Mountain Land, a province that already hosts a number of ‘world-class’ base-metal deposits. Until recently, depressed metal prices have resulted in very little exploration being carried out in the Ongava area,” Mr Putt said.

    2 “The mineralisation in the deposit areas is ‘open’ in all aspects, and a largenumber of prospects require drill testing. The style of strata-hosted base-metal deposits found in the Otavi’s include some of the largest in the world, such as the world’s largest lead-zinc mine at McArthur River in Queensland.

    “Namibia is one of the most politically stable and well developed countries in Africa, with its governments policy designed to promote investment in mining and exploration. It is currently rated amongst the top ten countries in the world in which to undertake both mining and exploration, and we look forward to working with the Namibian government in the development of this project.”

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources


    Good to see that you've also picked up on this one!

    I reckon this could be a once in a life time share. I will hold this one in the bottom drawer, a stunning deal indeed.

    Good luck with ADI, I also hold many accross the JVP's and am happy in my research that we have a massive discovery!

    Best of luck

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    Does Sabre have the capital to carry the projects too, or will there need to be further placements for capital raising?


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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources


    They have just raised $3m, for sure there will be future raisings, however my bet is they will be at way higher prices than these!

    Plenty of action over the coming months, the management team have people on the ground in Namibia and personally I can't wait for future updates!



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    Hi AgentM,

    I am considering following Eva's move and buying some sbr. But also wonder if I should not buy more adi instead. Would you see sbr as more risky than adi?


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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    sorry there, missed that question..

    adi as far as a O&G explorer, has to rate high risk high reward

    SBR is under the radar,,

    speeding ticket yesterday,, did you catch the response from sbr??

    SBR has $1 written all over it short term.. some recent valuations has created the speeding ticket of yesterday..

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    sp seems to climb nicely,


    Ironbark Gold Ltd has taken a 5.4% holding in Sabre Resources Ltd, through
    the purchase of 4,000,000 shares and options in the recent placement.

    Jonathan Downes, Executive Managing Director of Ironbark Gold Ltd, will join the board of Sabre Resources as a non-Executive Director.
    Sabre Resources Ltd (‘Sabre’) is pleased to announce that Ironbark Gold Ltd (‘Ironbark’) has become a substantial shareholder in the company through the purchase of 4,000,000 shares and options in the recent placement. Ironbark has announced that it believes Sabre’s Ongava Lead-Zinc project, in north-eastern Namibia, has both strong exploration and development potential, as well as low sovereign risk and good supporting infrastructure. Ironbark also believes that the Ongava project is a significant opportunity that is currently undervalued by the market. Jonathan Downes, the Executive Managing Director of Ironbark Gold Ltd, has also consented to join the board of Sabre as a non-Executive Director. Mr Downes is a geologist with over 12 years experience in the minerals industry and has worked in various geological and corporate capacities. Mr Downes has experience in nickel, gold and base metals and has been intimately involved with numerous private and public capital raisings. He was a founding director of Hibernia Gold (now Moly Mines Limited) and Siberia Mining Corporation Limited (Siberia) (which has now merged with Monarch Resources Limited). Mr Downes was an Executive Director of Siberia and is currently a non-Executive Director of Graynic Metals Limited.
    Sabre looks forward to working with Ironbark and welcomes Mr. Downes to the Board

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    All coming together nicely!

    I have followed this management team before and done very well and believe that they are very very excited about this asset!

    Being accumulated now, even before any drilling has started!

    tiny MCAP and tightly held, just the way I like them!


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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    Sabre Resources Ltd (‘Sabre’) is pleased to announce the discovery of a significant new leadzinc prospect at Irvington, immediately to the west of the company’s Border deposit in the Otavi Mountain Land of northeastern Namibia.

    Base metal mineralistaion more than 100 metres thick has been

    discovered at Irvington to the west, and along strike from the
    Border deposit.

    Irvington’s ‘footprint’ is substantially larger than that of the Border

    deposit (>12 Million Tonnes @ 5-6% Pb+Zn exploration target).

    A substantial zone of copper mineralisation is also exposed south

    of the main zone at Irvington.

    Mineralisation at Irvington covers more than 600 metres of strike

    and continues further to the west.

    It is likely that Irvington and Border form one major mineralised

    system covering more than 2,200 metres, with Border representing

    the eastern margin of the system.

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    not a very heavily traded stock, but still keeping in this for the outcome, i think the announcement today is trying to paint a picture.. i guess the picture is relevant in any case... be interested in what they get in a few weeks time..

    Strong lead and zinc mineralisation has been
    intercepted at numerous intervals within a broad
    ~40 to 80 m thick halo of disseminated and veinhosted
    sulphides. Initial interpretations suggest
    that coherent mineralised zones correlate between
    drill cores. Logging indicates that visible copper
    mineralisation is widely dispersed throughout
    the mineralised envelope.
    Attached Images

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    sbr has put a neat youtube snapshot of their extremely interesting project in africa.


    this is a quiet stock, and not much is being said about it at the moment, but there are results from drilling to come through soon, and their website has been updated and there are slideshows of all their recent activities in the region..


    looking forward to the near future as results come through and the various mineralisations in the region are closely examined..

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    Sabre Resources Ltd (‘Sabre’) is pleased to announce assay results for the first holes drilled into the recently discovered Irvington prospect, within the Ongava Project, Namibia.


     Economic grades of lead, zinc and silver mineralisation have been
    intercepted at Irvington.

     Irvington was discovered by Sabre earlier in the year,
    approximately 1000 metres to the west of the Border deposit.

     First-pass RC drilling has returned significant intercepts including:
    BDRC006: 8m @ 4.9% Lead, 0.4% Zinc and 13.3 g/t Silver from 54m.
    (including 4m @ 8.7% Lead, 0.5% Zinc and 26.5 g/t Silver from 54m).

     Assays for the diamond drilling from Border are yet to be received.

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    last weeks announcement was impresive

    • Zinc + lead anomalism (Pavian Trend) extended from
    3.7 kilometres to over 15 kilometres in length.
    • The extensive anomaly has values up to 7.7% zinc + lead at
    • The entire 15 kilometres of strike forms one very large cohesive
    hydrothermal mineralised system with the potential for a
    substantial copper deposit in addition to zinc and lead.

    up 85% on friday

    up 45% today

    obviously the resource potential is being understood a little

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    yesterdays announcement defines a copper discovery


    13 July 2009
    The Manager
    Company Announcements Office
    Australian Securities Exchange Limited
    Exchange Centre
    20 Bridge Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000

    • An area of extensive copper mineralisation has been identified at
    Nosib H through surface geochemical sampling.
    • The copper anomaly covers more than 2,000 metres of strike and
    returned values in the order of 500 ppm Copper.
    • Nosib H hosts outcropping copper, lead & zinc mineralisation (see
    Figure 1).
    • The Nosib H prospect is located on the 15 km long base metal
    ‘Pavian Trend’ within Sabre’s Ongava project, in the Otavi
    Mountain Land of northern Namibia.
    • The surface copper anomalism at Nosib H is consistent with that
    of recognised copper deposits in the Otavi Mountain Land, such
    as that of the Kombat, Guchab and Harasib copper mines.

    The strong association of anomalous copper values with high lead and zinc soil geochemistry values marks Nosib H as a high priority exploration target on the Pavian Trend. The large size of the soil anomaly is highly encouraging, and may represent the surface expression of a significant poly-metallic base metal deposit


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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    nice quarterly announcement regarding the world class potential sabre are
    progressing to a jorc stage

    the overlay of the mt iza footprint three times on the leases sabre has is giving
    indications that the idea of a world class potential find may not be entirely fancy imho

    74 mill shares on issue i believe

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    Sabre Resources Ltd („Sabre‟) is pleased to announce the discovery of a line of high-grade copper, lead and zinc outcrops at the Kaskara prospect, within the Ongava Poly-Metallic Project, Namibia.

    High-grade, poly-metallic gossan* discovered along more than 400 m of strike at the Kaskara prospect.

    First-pass XRF spot analyses record:
    ► Copper (Cu) values up to 23.5%.
    ► Lead (Pb) in excess of 35.0%.
    ► Zinc (Zn) values up to 34.4%.
    ► Germanium (Ge) to over 7,000 ppm (0.7%).
    ► Gallium (Ga) to over 9,000 ppm (0.9%).

    Geological setting and metal association is similar to the world-class Tsumeb copper deposit (40 km north).

    Exploration is at a preliminary stage.

    Exceptional high-grade results from the initial phase of fieldwork at the Kaskara prospect within the Ongava Poly-Metallic Project show very high copper, lead, and zinc values in outcrop. Gallium and germanium values are also high. Kaskara was formerly known as Harasib Claims and Harasib III. It is located 16 km southwest of Sabre‟s Border zinc-lead deposit and 2.6 km north of the Driehoek zinc-lead deposit.
    The company has identified three distinct zones of mineralisation at surface, over a total strike length of over 400 m. Each mineralised zone is comprised of extensive gossan (Figure 1) with secondary copper, lead and zinc minerals. First-pass spot analyses, using a Niton XLt592 portable XRF (x-ray fluorescence) analyser on gossanous rock chip samples collected from the 3 zones†, yield the following results:

    In summary, gossan at Kaskara shows:
    Copper (Cu) values up to 23.5%.
    Lead (Pb) in excess of 35.0%.
    Zinc (Zn) values up to 34.4%.
    Germanium (Ge) to over 7,000 ppm (0.7%).
    Gallium (Ga) to over 9,000 ppm (0.9%).

    Calibration of the XRF with certified high-grade standards (see Appendix for Analytical Method) means that these values provide a realistic first-pass estimate contained within the poly-metallic gossan at Kaskara. Sabre is confident in the veracity of these results (see Appendix) and will not require laboratory analyses of these samples. It is to be expected that future bulk sampling of the gossan will yield results lower than the highest values obtained by this first-pass spot sampling.


    The Kaskara prospect is within of Sabre‟s Ongava Project (Figure 2) in the Otavi Mountain Land of northern Namibia.

    2.1 History

    The Kaskara area hosts a number of mine workings on the farm “Harasib Block 648”. It is reported in the Minerals of Namibia Handbook as a series of lead-zinc-vanadium prospects that were worked during the 1940s. No known record of metal production exists. Inspection of the site shows extensive underground mine workings on multiple levels, with several adits and at least 4 shafts and 3 headframes. No evidence of modern exploration could be found in the archives of the Geological Survey of Namibia, nor was evidence of any modern work detected on the ground.

    2.2 Surface mineralisation

    The gossans are hosted within a broad south dipping alteration zone located within the Elandshoek Formation. Three main gossan occurrences (Zones 1 to 3, Figure 3) are exposed. Most of the copper, lead, and zinc is located within secondary vanadium-rich minerals (vanadates), mainly vanadinite, mottramite, and descloizite (Figure 4). Minor secondary carbonates such as malachite are also present (Figure 4).

    It should be noted that investigation of the strike extent of the mineralised horizon is at a preliminary stage and that work is currently underway to determine the true extents of mineralisation along strike (Figure 3).


    Consultant Douglas Haynes of Douglas Haynes Discovery Ltd, who was instrumental in the discovery of the giant Olympic Dam deposit at Roxby Downs in South Australia, was contracted to assess the exploration potential of the Ongava Project. Based on numerous geological criteria, he identified the Kaskara / Lucas Post area as having a strong potential for extensive copper mineralisation. The company‟s discovery of copper-rich gossans at Kaskara is confirmation of Mr Haynes’ hypothesis.


    Of importance at Kaskara is the high concentration of gallium and germanium in the samples. Arsenic and vanadium values are also high. This metal association is a very similar signature to that of the world-class Tsumeb deposit 40 km to the north. Tsumeb was operational from 1907 to 1993. The total production at Tsumeb was around: 24.8 Mt @ 5.50% Cu, 11.82% Pb, 4.19% Zn, and 171.3g/t Ag (to 1991 – Source: Geological Survey of Namibia). Additionally, a germanium-enriched concentrate was produced from 1954 to 1963, assaying 0.2% to 0.5% Ge. Sabre will focus on a Tsumeb-style model for mineralisation at Kaskara. Early indications are that Kaskara is indeed analogous to the Tsumeb mine.


    The company is presently detailing the geology of the mineralised horizon and investigating the areas between and along strike from the defined gossan zones. Sampling of regularly-spaced profiles across the three zones will be undertaken shortly. Sabre will update shareholders with further news from the Kaskara prospect as it comes to hand.


    Following the release of this announcement, the company is to remain in a trading halt pending the release of a second announcement regarding a capital raising.

    Yours faithfully, Norman Grafton Company Secretary
    Sabre Resources Ltd

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    Announcement out this morning very bullish indeed. This is potentially a major copper discovery. Of course, drilling has to commence but it has all the hallmarks of a Tsuneb type discovery. It's early days but I am very comfortable holding these long term. The market cap is tiny and it fits into my "potential 10 bagger" category that I look for when investing. Once drilling confirms the "potential", a market cap of $100M will still be very cheap. My initial 12 month price target of $1.00 is probably conservative but small steps first. This is a very exciting prospect and one that I am happy to be riding for the long term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banska bystrica View Post
    Announcement out this morning very bullish indeed. This is potentially a major copper discovery. Of course, drilling has to commence but it has all the hallmarks of a Tsuneb type discovery. It's early days but I am very comfortable holding these long term. The market cap is tiny and it fits into my "potential 10 bagger" category that I look for when investing. Once drilling confirms the "potential", a market cap of $100M will still be very cheap. My initial 12 month price target of $1.00 is probably conservative but small steps first. This is a very exciting prospect and one that I am happy to be riding for the long term.
    great report today i agree

    spoken to the geologist a few times, its an intriguing region and its shaping up for a potential world class discovery

    worth a read the entire report


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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    I suggest people who have not done any research on this area and the significance of quality gossans get a grip and do some reading. Of course this is speculative because it's early days but do you think the market cap will be $40M once they start drilling and uncover what lies beneath?
    I suggest people do their own research on this.

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    Default Re: SBR - Sabre Resources

    Hi SBR enthusiastics

    I visited this thread intrigued by the potential of this stock reading through ASX and other newsletters.

    However today seems no trade for SBR at ASX.

    Last posting here was more than a month back

    Could someone followed this stock please throw some light/update ?

    Miner :
    All sellers are inevitably, and by the meaning of the word, buyers so DYOR .

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