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    The stock market is doing my head in today, so I've decided to start editing the 5 hours of footage i shot on my recent European Contiki tour with the a few of the boys.
    I started using the Windows Movie Maker that comes bundled with Vista, after about 10 minutes i realized it was way to basic for my liking, so i jumped over to the adobe website and downloaded the 30 day unrestricted trial of premiere CS3.

    After a few hours of use, I'm loving the program, however it has to be one of the buggiest pieces of **** I've ever used. As soon as you do anything slightly CPU intensive the thing crashes, costing me way to much time, so I'm abandoning that and looking elsewhere.

    Does anyone have and solutions for a decent robust application???

    I'm running a very well setup core 2 system, so power isn't a problem ;-)


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    Try Womble Multimedia:


    I used it in the past and it worked quiet well for me. I tried a lot of packages and most left a lot to be desired. Womble let me cut out scenes, add pictures and sound tracks, title pages and scene transitions. It also was fairly easy to use. I guess it all depends on what you're trying to do as well.

    All the best

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    Ulead Videostudio - very easy to use, even my sister managed with it! It does some rather flashy things, and looks great - but has limited ability outside of its special effects and the like.

    A great compromise between MS Video editor and Adobe!

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    Depends if you want to buy something or are after a free ware thingy. I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. It is very stable and should suit the work you are doing. They have just upgraded to V8 (just after I bought V7 doh!).
    $195 at Corpsoft

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