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    Hey there,

    Only 2 more sleeps until this one starts trading. Has anyone who applied got their allocations in their accounts yet? If yes, are any of those with Commsec?

    I'm expecting Aurium to do well. I think it'll be the exception to the recent flatness in U floats. After all they have a few strings to their bow, good strings too. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    Hi Ted, i have 20000 shares on this 1 and it floats @ 2pm today.

    Im with Macquarie but they werent allocated these so i applied via the application and got accepted.

    Will update when it floats.

    Good luck mate

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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    Opened @ 16c.

    Closed 20000 shares @ 16c + $100 brokerage.

    = $900 loss

    Not to worry, you have to share some of your winnings over time.

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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    You should be still ahead though

    You should still have 20000 options, they closed at 5.5 cents.

    Should make you $1100, minus $100 brokerage.

    All in all ahead a whopping $100

    Anyway not a good float, I decided not to buy in when given the opportunity.

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    Default AGU- Aurium Resources

    i may not have done my research properly, but i see aurium to be a great future company. however its make or break time as they have invested in 2 Uranium digs which from my knowledge are completed. keeping in mind China and India are on the waiting list for Australian Uranium. this could be a sound investment.

    however there is an issue with the WA gov having a ban on exportation of Uranium, my predictions are that this should not stand long as the federal gov are placing the pressure on the state to lift the ban. (besides, WA wouldnt mind the extra capital behind them too.)

    the company recently floated with a lack of interest, the opening price being .16 undercutting the .20 projection.

    this is NOT a stock tip, just my thought... this is the first time i have ever researched a company. any thoughts? and constructive critique is welcome

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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    AGU having a huge day today hitting 25c this afternoon. That's up over 100% in the last week.

    Speeding ticket yesterday eve and company's response of being unaware of any reason for increase have done little to dampen the enthusiasm today. Anyone have any ideas of the reason for this price action?

    I thought I was clever yesterday offloading my heads at 18.5c . . . . d'oh!! . . . but at least I still have some oppies which I intend to hang on to longer term.

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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    shares 367,550,002
    options 252,550,002
    total 620,100,004
    sp .031
    mc $19.223M (fully diluted)

    cash at end of 4th qtr $3.628M
    (est cash outflow this qtr $200K)
    nil debt

    EV $15.595M


    Peak Hill Iron Ore Project, WA (jv with PDY - AGU 30%:PDY 70%)

    Adjacent to Sinosteel's Midwest Robinson Range Project and in close proximity to AGOs and FMGs tenements

    In excess of 2,000sq km, over 100km prospective strike length

    Hematite expl target @ Telecom Hill (only) 80-110Mt (along 13km strike length of 100km total strike length) - previous drill results incl:

    '09 4 RC hole drilling program @ Telecom Hill, DSO results incl (intersections in all 4 holes):

    15m @ 64.18% Fe from 25m;
    15m @ 63.99% Fe from 57m;
    13m @ 61.33% Fe from 61m;
    6m @ 60.57% Fe from 143m;
    7m @ 60.25% Fe from 38m

    late '09 rock chip sampling @ Telecom Hill, 152 samples, 30 above 50% Fe, 12 above 60%, ranging up to 64.6% Fe

    28 hole, 3,000m RC drilling program underway at Telecom Hill

    "jv partners are totally committed to aggresively achieving JORC compliant resource estimates"

    Magnetite expl target @ Peak Hill 5,500-6,500Mt @ 30-40% Fe based on 57.5km cumulative strike length

    '09 4 RC hole drilling program @ Telecom Hill, BFO (beneficiation feed ore) results incl (intersections in all 4 holes):

    120m @ 48.26% Fe from surface [18m @ 55.11% Fe];
    99m @ 47.24% Fe from surface [19m @ 56.39% Fe];
    75m @ 47.05% Fe from surface;
    45m @ 46.61% Fe from surface [6m @ 54.43% Fe];
    54m @ 40.21% Fe from 96m;


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    Default Re: AGU - Aurium Resources

    The Maths of the current takeover bid by Dourado Resources Limited is worth looking at.

    I calculate the DUO bid value at 2.7 to 2.9c depending on DUO price fluctuations.

    AGU sits at 2.3 to 2.5 with a fe recent spices to 2.8.

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