Loyalty Rewards for not rocking the boat are a great idea sometimes!
Unlike those Carrots for Donkeys dished out by our clumsy and stingy heavy-wieghts

Here's an example offered by TMX

THE OFFER By this Prospectus, the Company is offering 38,354,152 2010 Options on the basis of one
2010 Option for every two Shares held on the Record Date at an issue price of $0.01 per
2010 Option. The 2010 Options issued are exercisable at $0.25 each on or before 5pm
(WST) on 31 July 2010. The number of 2010 to which you are entitled is calculated as at the Record Date and is
shown on the Application Form which accompanies this Prospectus. The maximum number of 2010 Options to be issued is 38,354,152 (subject to any
additional allotment of Shares on the exercise of Existing Options prior to the Record
Date), which will raise up to $383,542 before allowing for costs. The purpose of the Issue
and the use of the funds are set out in section 5 of this Prospectus. The Directors may at any time decide to withdraw this Prospectus and the offer of 2010
Options made under this Prospectus in which case the Company will return all
application monies in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act. The Directors have resolved to restrict the Offer to those Shareholders with addresses in
Australia and New Zealand. In the calculation of any entitlement, fractional entitlements will be rounded down to the
nearest whole number of 2010 Options. 4 DETAILS OF THE OFFER 4.1 Key Dates Lodgement of Prospectus with ASIC 20 July 2007 Ex Entitlement Date 26 July 2007 Record Date 1 August 2007 Dispatch of Prospectus and Entitlement and Acceptance Forms 3 August 2007 Closing Date for acceptance and payment of one cent per 2010 Option 31 August 2007 Statements for Securities despatched (latest date) 5 September 2007

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DYOR re Reward / Risk and Timing

Maybe there are other little Great Loyalty Programmes out there you know of and prepared to share???

Salute and Gods' speed