OK I think if you are reading this then you know why I descided to look at trading.

Our own boss
money for jam

Hell who would not want to be a future trader... work fuc% all and money for Jam.

OK time to tell you all who I am.

You will call my Duke. (Name of my old motor bike and dead dog... bugger)

6550 September 21 - High (The High). I recommend this date.

This is my therd (3) (can't spell so no applogies from here on) go at traiding the spi over a period of 7 years. Tell me who has heard of Gann!!

My thouths today is that we have seen the low of the spi, Saturday morring. The previous low of sycom was 6027. That was 50% of the range from 6452 too 5614. 50% is 6033. Take the range from 6050 to 5614 monthly chart and go short from the high 6452 and 100% of the last range..... yes have another look.....But have a look at Sycom... yes has sycom finished it move? 100% of the last range (weekly)? 200% of the last weekly scyom range down was 5963. Dam close to todays low. Now most would not watch sycom and look to see if sycom has finished it move, the day market will not rise until sycom has done 50 - 75 - 100% of the last move. Basically the same thing will happen again.

Weekly chart Day time not sycom.
200% 5978..; a smart person would average the prices. Why because we are talking about people. If you held a meter rule against the wall and said of 100 people how many would say the the ball will turn aroud at 50% or 500mm. Most would. I did it wiy=th my wife held my hand in the air and said from here to here is 1m I will drop my hand to the bottom but will reverse it at 1 point and go back up (just like the market). down went my hand and she went bang at 50%.) 60% of people trade around the 50% mark.. so these prices have the most weight when averaging pressure point.


Watch 5803.... up to sep other wise

Market will move higher but for how long I can't say but I don't think the market will not go through 5978. I would put a 15point stop and buy on the number.