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    Default Options information?

    I would like to invest in options.
    However often I do not find the option quote from ASX or Commsec site.
    For example CTS or CTX option. No information this.
    Does it mean they do not exist?
    Also some times Options are shown in ASX site as exchange traded but can not be bought from Commsec. What that means?

    How to go about investing in Options.

    Any advise?


    22 JUly

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    Default Re: Options information?

    Miner, have you tried adding the letter "O" to the end of your code. Eg. CTS is the stock, but if a company option exists on that stock, it is most likely CTSO. Not all stocks have a company option.

    I don't trade with Commsec, so you would need to ask them if there are any restrictions to your trading options.

    Usually with exchange traded options, most brokers require special approval (more forms to be filled out!) before they will let you trade them. Again, you will need to find out from your broker.


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    Smile Re: Options information

    Thanks. It worked and great.



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    Default Re: Options information?

    See my reply here about finding information on company issued options

    It does also cover ETO's tpp
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