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    Hi, I am a uni student and I work at a law firm as an office boy\legal clerk\paralegal.. whatever you like to call it...
    They give me $50\day of "transport subsidies" (or the equivalent) when I work there.

    I have made well over $6k purely from my shares trading...
    Now the question is... Am I required to pay tax on the $50\day I get from work? This $50\day money has added up to almost $2k now.

    Thanks for your time!

    -Final Fantasy

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    this sounds like an allowance to me, and as such, is assessable - grab a tax pack and look at question 2 in the income section.

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    If it is in cash. Just keep yourself.
    otherwise, you should pay tax at this.

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    It is not in cash

    Damn, if it is assessable that means I'm gonna get like nothing

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