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    If I buy and sell one particular shares in the same financial years. How do you calculate the taxable income.

    Foe example,

    I bought PNN at 1.32 and sold it at 2.20
    I bought it back at 1.82 and sold it 1t 2.67
    I bought another lot at 1.80 and sold it at 2.10
    then I bought 2.49 and sold it at 2.10

    now I have about 3000 PNN shares left which I haven't realised my loss yet. I bought this lot at 1.80 ad the share price is now at 1.65.

    Which the above example transactions. How so I calculate the capital gain/loss and can I claim internet and phone expenses for shares trading. Do you have any idea what else we can claim on tax deduction from shares trading? Any advice which accountant I have to go to. I normally lodge tax return by myself by using ETAX but I think I need to use accountant for this financial year as I have started my shares trading since nov last year.

    Many thanks

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    its all very easy - dont waste your $$ on an acct.

    follow the instructions and fill in etax.

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