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    Does anyone know of some good resources regarding the System Tester in Metastock.

    I am working on my trading plan and am still reading up on Money management, but I would also like to run a few tests based on theories presented here at ASF and other theories I have read.


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    One of the best places to learn more about some of the tricks-and-traps of the MS EST is at the Equis Forum (forum.equis.com). Have a look in the files section there for an article by Sprunger on making the EST work "better".

    If you are completely genuine about back testing you mechanical systems then it might be worth looking at incorporating TradeSim into your software repertoire.


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    Roy's newsletter would be of value; http://www.metastocktips.com/

    For serious system testing TradeSim is excellent.


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    Thanks Guys.

    I think I will start at the equis forum and work my way from there.


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