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    Post TAL - Tower Australia Group

    Hi folks,

    TAL ... here's some simple TA and astroanalysis ...

    IDEALLY, we would like to see TAL test the lows,
    around 213-216 again on 13072007, with another
    hammer candle and high volume ..... though, given
    the higher volumes and support, since the end of
    May 2007, we may have already seen the lows.

    Expecting significant and positive news for TAL,
    either late on Friday 13072007 or 16072007, too ... !~!

    Exit planned by 27072007, when a significant negative
    time cycle comes into play .....

    See updated TAL chart, attached .....

    happy days


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    Default Re: TAL - Tower Australia Group

    Seems to me that this one is worth an anchor position ... a reaction should be expected yet performed well yeaterday when the ASX dropped of 70 or so points
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    All the Best
    by the tips of my fingers

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    Smile Re: TAL - Tower Australia Group

    Hi folks,

    TAL ... some time cycles, ahead:

    23-24012008 ... negative spotlight on TAL

    28012008 ... minor and positive cycle

    20022008 ... negative cycle expected

    22-25022008 ... positive spotlight on TAL ...

    13-17032008 ... 3 cycles ... positive news expected

    24032008 ... minor

    happy days



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    Default Re: TAL - Tower Australia Group

    Is there any new information regarding this company?

    I am looking into Tower Australia and at the end of last month they announced strong growth and $1 Billion dollars in inforce premiums, plus the added partnership of Virgin Insurance.

    Does anyone else have anything else to add?

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    Default Re: TAL - Tower Australia Group

    Dai Itchi $4 per share buyout offer means the share prices jumped 46% yesterday

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