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    From $4.80 in Sept to $5.20 now and previous heights of $8.00...what do you thinkl of Spotless Group.. i'm watching them..
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    Wink Re: Spotless to move again?

    Hmm no thought's, ok, how about another stock i have on my watchlist- IBT, which i think has great potential, with student numbers increasing each year, fees paid up frone etc and it's a growing concern??


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    Angry Re: Spotless to move again?

    I do not like spotless (for long term!) maintance and hospitals are not good money makers

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    Cool Re: Spotless to move again?

    IBT's chart

    I think it has potential and looking at the reports, high cash flows

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    Default Re: SPT - Spotless Group

    Went LONG on this one today and yet faded slightly on the CLOSE ... will have to watch very closely now for a CLOSE below 4.15 ...
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    Default Re: SPT - Spotless Group

    Quiet thread... hanging onto $2 for dear life. Report coming out tomorrow (according to Business Spectator).

    20100819 Spotless Group Ltd (-).png

    See if you can spot the similiarity with PRG chart 3 weeks back. PRG operates in the same market and was hammered on a less than steller profit update.

    20100819 Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd (-).png

    SPT holders better hope that the profit numbers live up to expectations or otherwise - watch out below (possibly)!

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