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    Default VCR

    Just interested. Looking at the charts, I wouldn't touch VCR.

    However, according to comsec, ABN have it as a strong buy. Does anyone know anything about the ABN report?

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    Default Re: vcr

    Hi, markrmau

    Just go to www.ventracor.com

    Investor Center , expert analysis and take it from there.

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    Default Re: vcr

    A screaming buy in my opinion. Also look at LOK.

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    Post VCR - Ventracor Limited

    This share continues to fall for little reason. The product is good and is just awaiting US trial. The Australian trial was successful. I keep buying and reducing cost base but it doesn't seem to "hit the ground". Is there any news out there that is adversely affecting this little gem?

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    Are you sure the trials were successful? I thought they had a trial patient that died.

    In this kind of market, anything that is risky will get punished.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    fleeta - VCR trials were a success - i think 2 or 3 patients died, but from other issues, rather than anything heart related. theere are about 5 or 6 who have had them in for some time +/- 1 year, and still going strong. i have been gonna buy them for ages, but they just keep dropping - just waiting for the flat spot, then jump on time.....they will be a goer.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    i agree, weren't the trial patients generally in very poor condition to begin with? (cant stick an experimental device in a patient who could do well from trusted methods). a few deaths could be expected along the way.

    however wont touch untill a clear uptrend is established. with current market conditions, this sort of future tech (and earnings) company could still have a lot more downside.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    The deaths (2) were not product related as previously mentioned and it appears I have been too ambitious trying to anticiapte a recovery and not waiting for the rider to get back in the saddle. I'lll STOP buying until that happens. thanks for your comments online.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    VCR is a stock I traded (ST) many months ago and have not touched since - given the huge lead times to commercial availability (if it gets there) getting in so early was always going to be a risky proposition.

    The major concern I can see is competition - Thor in the US have a gen1 device already being used. Is the product inferior to VCRs? Yes. But just having a good product does not ensure success (ask CMQ's $8+ buyers). Thor is developing a gen3 device and by all accounts is behind VCR in development however given the way business works in the US, having business relationships & an established distribution network already in place may ultimately prove to be more important than whichever product is better.
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    Volatility has created a good trading share in the past and I expect the future will be more of the same.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    I read an article recently (sorry cannot remember where) that stated that VCR was still 1.5-2 years away from maturity in terms of product and market. I am like you, got in early anticipating a general increase only to find the slope is the other way. My gut feel is this will eventually be a good stock but will need to wait it out.

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    Default vcr

    does anybody know why vcr dropped 6cents today.there doesnt seem to be any news .thanks

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    hi visual,

    A little inside knowledge perhaps?

    I dumped the last of mine yesterday. It has been an expensive holding for me. May buy back in later if it shows any promise but there have been rumours about lately that its rivals have better products.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    Ahhh VCR. I love this stock.

    If things dont work out with humans, i am sure they could go back to focusing on animals again.

    i am sure they could corner the pet market.
    All those silly Americans wanting a heart implant for their pets, so they torture them for a couple of years longer.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    I love the technology. It must be weird to have no heartbeat, I think they need a big brother partner though to speed up the process before someone else beats them.

    Could be a huge winner but still seems so far away.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    so vcr drops seven cents in ten minutes and nothing but silence from the asx why no queries?and as for insider knowledge looks likely i`m sorry to agree.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    Speeding tickets are usually given when stock goes the other way.

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    hi all,

    i'm fairly new in this forum and this will be my first posting. so here i go...

    the potential prospective market for 3G LVAS decives are good enough to fit for everyone (i.e. Ventracor, Berlin Heart, Temuro, Thoratec, etc.). the rumours that the competitor has a more superior product is less worrying for me as i will be more concerned if Ventracor will eventually deliver the final product to the market. it has the potential and will probably do so within 1-2 years time, perhaps?

    my 2cents worth here.


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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    any thoughts on vcr.
    seems some news is on the way

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    Default Re: Ventracor (VCR) falling from a high horse

    anyone else been to the ventracor website?
    very interesting video of the company and how the product works, you actually see how they put the pump together, the people who work there, etc........ also they show how they are testing, so far one pump has been working for over 3 years and as yet it doesnt look like failing

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