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    I understand that the resource boom has taken the limelight in recent years. However, I'd like to know what people think of the retirement/aged care industry especially with companies like BnB Primelife seeking to float soon.
    The ageing pop is certainly an issue long-term for Australia.

    I'm aware of AVE as a retirement aged/care provider. This has had a great run over 1 yr. Is anyone aware of others?
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    Here's a blast from the past!! Back from 2007 (last post)

    Stockland is offering a cash offer for AVE shares. What are my options (pros/cons)?

    Stockland is offering 1.80 per AVE share (inclusive of dividend).
    AVE is currently trading at around 1.77
    I bought AVE for $1.805
    I am entitled to AVE dividend of 0.03 per share

    I'd be behind if I take up the cash offer. Am I reading this right? What are the pros/cons of taking the offer? What are some likely scenarios of AVE after the cash offer?

    Any comments would be appreciated!

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