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    my hot stocks for the new year which all have a great potential to move forward significantly from current levels

    come on guys give us your best performers for the new year.
    keep it short so we can do our own research and make our own decisions.

    merry xmas and a happy new year to you all

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    My Tips for the new year....


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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Go with the small/mid caps in the new year I reckon

    PCG, NMS, CBD, IBA, MGW, IIN, TNE, RCL and VSL - that's what I'm holding.

    should have at least 1 winner in there!

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    A few lesser known stocks


    Regards KOOKA

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    EBAY to the upside waiting for stock split...

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    A few I'm holding on fundamentals (and quick reason):

    CBA (paid increased dividend every year since listing)
    BSL (Solid LT performer)
    MGX (Management have predicted 5cps profit, I've calculated 4.4cps)
    TTR (paying > 6% FF divvie, two big projects on the cards - one starting

    Good luck to all
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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    MML MEDUSA MINING have gone into a voluntary suspension from trading pending an announcement from the company 22-12-04 looks like the action is starting a little earlier than expected. this company is well managed and they have the gold in the ground. read the reports and you will see where i'm coming from.

    regards croc

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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Quote Originally Posted by Mofra
    BSL (Solid LT performer)
    There was an article in the AFR the other day about Bluescope being one that would likely take a fair drop from any problems in the steel industry. I didn't read the whole article though, so can't elaborate further. It is available online but for a cost of $2.20.

    The summary line says:

    Diverging price-earnings ratios between the four major listed steel companies suggest that BlueScope Steel is trading at top-of-the-cycle earnings and is set for the heaviest fall when the cycle turns down.

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    correction about mml announcement will be 23-12-04
    sit back and hold on to your hats with this one. next year its going to be huge. more gold than previously expected production at less than $200 an oz a listing on the london exchange

    regards croc

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    Thanks for the heads up, I've been holding a while from lower levels so I'm happy to sell on any pullback that looks longer than ST. There is an argument to say they are near the top of the cycle - most analysts have predicted a higher eps for 05 than 06 from memory. They still are trading on a lower than market ave forward PE.


    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Hi Guys,

    nothing really to hot, but any stocks that are part of the Macquarie Bank Structure, should do very well over the next few months and years to come...

    excellent CFD trades are macquarie stocks like MAP, MIG, very small tight trading channels, but due to the market depth, 2-3 cent movements per a day can be very easy to predict but also, can be a couple hundred dollars profited, from the small movement, yet very tight stop losses have to be placed.

    another personal thing i like about Macquaire stocks are, there liquidity, but there also in there growth stage, but again also because they are solid blue chips...


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    I recently bought into E-Trade Positiveca$hflow..so hope they continue to climb..

    More and More people entering the Market nowadays as shares replace property as the 'talked about investment of choice'


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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Emmm, just quickly, I see the following powering through 2005:

    AZR (see thread on AZR),
    OST (recovering from furnace problem and benefits from higher prices for iron ore),
    GLI (gold arbitrage, div play, lots of profits to be skimmed there imo).

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Tech's out performers for 2005



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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    I notice that some of your picks have been hot in 2004 some very actually, are you basing your picks just on tech analysis. SOL still looks good to me, CSM and LAF I have looked at but I am uncertain on. ILU has made great gains lately too. I dont know GLC, is this a new float or do you mean GCL. Anyway hope they are sucessful for you.
    My picks gang are

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    Based on both but the fundamental analysis is not mine.I subscribe to Inside Trader who collect recommendations from 3000 analysts.

    Simply Ive been through those whch are standout "strong buys" by more than 1 analyst and coupled them with T/A.

    Much easier to ride/continue to ride an incoming wave than sit around in the water waiting for one to build up !

    PS would be interesting to place all selections on a spread sheet and follow.
    I have this capability at the office with Market Cast and can post the results each Month----- for interest. Simple enough to do once entered.

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    Default Re: MY HOT STOCKS

    Just joined today. Interesting site. My 'Hot Stocks' for 2005 are CST and LOK/LOOK. (Cst currently $3.12cps and LOK is $2.66cps.)

    Both will give you a very nice return over the 6 - 12 month period.

    Cheers !


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    Welcome aboard.

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    Chicken picks for hot stocks 2005...BURNS PHILP, BPC, ZINIFEX,ZFX, and INTELLECT,IHG...TELSTRA TLS, MOSAIC,MOS...these are CHICKENS pick make your own research and see what I mean

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    anyone who has read the neptune marine posts knows my feelings towards them - the beauty is they havent even got warm. 05 should be their boom year. i'd like to see some of my goats recover too - CLH, MRL. may should move along again at similar levels....and GO TAH

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