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    Default Understanding Announcements... DUE

    Hi all,

    Could someone please let me know how do you interpret announcements ? or more accurately what do you do if you don't understand them !!

    DUE is a particular stock that I'm referring to. Today it gapped down on a serious of announcements that I don't understand.

    Any help for a beginner would be much appreciated


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    Default Re: Understanding Announcements... DUE

    Over 80 property trusts & other trusts were quoted exdistribution today. DUE was one of those which has a distribution of 12.5 cents, so this was part of the reason. It dropped 19.0 cents today.

    It is also going through a group restructure & capital raising procedure, plus a not so great day on the market today....you will need to read the announcements.


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