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    Smile Top Bollinger Squeezes

    I have personally used Bollinger Squeezes as a great tool to see where a stock is potentially heading... ALONG with other tools it can put you in ahead of the crowd...
    Any tights squeezes would be appreciated...

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    Smile Re: Top Bollinger Squeezes

    Lei is in a good squeeze with other great signs on the chart too.... Look at the result of the last 2 squeezes!!
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    Default Re: Top Bollinger Squeezes

    Don't know much about Bollinger, but applying your idea here is CUL's recent breakout.
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    Default Re: Top Bollinger Squeezes

    But my question is, how do you tell the difference between the 'squueze' in mid-Jan (which resulted in a rise) and the one mid-May (a fall) on the attached TTS chart?

    Do you match with other indicators?
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    Default Re: Top Bollinger Squeezes

    Good morning.
    May I suggest the following, when applied to BB's.

    This is called, by some, BB+2Rule, these rules were developed by an old fellow here in Australia.

    Where on the BB's,
    Look at the BB's as a bottle,
    the angle that forms the neck, eg, the shorter the time frame that the neck is formed on the bottle, (the BB), the steeper or sharper the neck on the bottle,
    and coupled to a tight, small neck on the bottle,
    the larger, the greater the jump possible in s/p.

    These rules apply to both the top line and the bottom line of the BB's.

    If, a candle breaks out of the BB, bottle, by greater than 50%, (total length)either above or under the BB, (top or bottom line) then most times there will be a sideways correction, ( top line, slight down or across, bottom line, across or upwards)to within the BB in 2days or less. ..GENERALLY.

    Using the above guideline,
    In the case of breaking out of the lower band, the correction can signal a change of direction of the s/p, to a upwards movement and therefore an entry point for a 'buy'.

    Almost never, ever will a candle will break out of the BB when the bands are wide apart, therefore the s/p remains, 'fairly' stable.

    Therefore in conclusion and very, very condensed,
    The s/p..... max, possible volatility occurs when after the the sharpest formation of the BB's neck. eg, the steeper/the sharper the greatest increase in s/p.

    To buy, an entry point.
    Suggestion, for charting, use a 10day BB set or even a 20day.
    couple this to a set of 2 ma set at 2 days.

    a slightly different set up indicates the situation nicely.

    love UB

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    Default Re: Top Bollinger Squeezes

    I think BYR may be a candidate for a bollinger squeeze. The neck is tightening nicely, and the RSI is heading up, albeit from a low position. Looks like it may break either way shortly, hopefully up.

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