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    Have just made the move to Queensland from NZ, signed up to Bigpond broadband and can't get over how slow the download speed is. I subscribed to their 1.5m/256 12gig plan, the highest download speed that I've had is 180kbs, have tested my speed with sevaral website testers and they come up with 1.3m line speed and 164kbs download speed, is this normal for Aus, I'm used to much higher speeds for about half the cost any comments please. porkpie

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    This is in most cases not the only option with Telstra.

    1. Cable 17000/256 Extreme Plan (69.95 plan - discounts) ** Best Value & Rock Solid **

    2. 8000/384 ADSL1

    3. 20000/1024 ADSL2+(think exists)

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    Hi porkpie324

    The stats from your speed tests would indicate that you connection is working properly. You won't get too much more than 160-180kbs out of a 1.5m/256 connection.

    If you want to do a bit of research into what other providers can over for you in your area, have a look here http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/

    The only way to go faster is to look at ADSL2+ (you could look at fast ADSL1 around 7MEG connection, however you'd probably better off skipping that and going to ADSL2+ if it's available in your area).


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    One of the common misconceptions with broadband is the plan speed v the download speed.

    Most people sign up on a plan (eg 1500kbps) expecting to see around about the same figure on their download meter. This is in fact wrong.

    Plan speed is offered as kbps (kilobits per second), while download speed is measured in KB/s (kilobytes per second). There are eight bits to a byte, therefore you must divide 8 into your plan to get the maximum download rate.

    So, for a 1500kbps plan, you will rarely (if ever) download faster than 1500 / 8 = 187.5KB/s.

    Therefore, you are getting what you are paying for. As for the price, well, you're with BigPond so no comments there.

    ADSL2 is the way to go. Cheaper and faster.

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    Thanks guys for your input, obviously broadband plans are more expensive in Aus than NZ where you seem to get much more for a lot less money, porkpie

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