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    Post WHN - Wind Hydrogen

    Hot on the heels of the wildly successful IPOs of EDE, TEY etc, and in the current buoyant market of green energy, WHL is focused on harnessing wind energy and hydrogen balancing technologies.

    Proposed listing date 10 August 07.

    I haven't combed through the prospectus with a fine tooth comb yet, but by golly, in this current bull market and the strongly bullish green energy sector, I think there might be another stampede here.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    "Wind Hydrogen Limited (WHL) is an international renewable energy company focused primarily on wind power generation.

    With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, WHL has established a portfolio of wind farm development assets in Australia, Scotland and Wales, with further expansion anticipated in New Zealand and the USA.

    As well as deep expertise in the design, financing and management of wind projects, WHL holds international patent rights over unique hydrogen-based technology that complements the group’s wind farm development activities. "

    from the website :

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    A read through the prospectus and a bit of online surfing has churned up these interesting stuff :

    • wind energy is the most cost effective among the renewable energy sources
    • WHL already has a suite of wind farms in the assessment stage, ready to move ahead
    • WHL's 'hydrogen balancing' provides a reliable, uninterrupted source of power, which negates the old nasties about interrupted supply of power from wind farms. WHL holds the patent for this technology
    • untapped potential in Aus : wind farms provide only about 1% of energy nationwide
    • untapped potential in Scotland : Wind power here has the estimated potential of about 23% of the whole EI's total energy capacity, yet largely untapped (mighty windy land, and the Scots were the ones to come up with the kilt)
    • Wind farm technology is the fastest growing of the renewable energy technologies in Scotland
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    Well that makes for an interesting read...so a couple of points I have.

    - WHL does not yet have any operating wind farms, and does not yet generate any revenue from sales of electricity from electricity generating wind farms.

    On that point alone - as a development company, it's a 1-2 yr hold before anything substantial happens, but at a 20c a share (min.10,000) IPO - and this industry getting increasing landowner and government support - and some pretty shrewd people behind the scenes (Wren proven great record with Cabcharge)...it's a v.good IPO.

    (hawkeye holds cnm, tey & grk in the renewable energy sector)

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    your portfolio cnm,tey, grk have all done very well while still in the development/exploring stage.

    you must be smiling from ear to ear...

    WHL's timing for the IPO couldn't have come at a better time. Governments, NGOs, Green groups are all raising a hubbub about Renewables.

    minimum 10k shares? uh, ok...good that you pointed that out. i was about to apply for 10million, nah, just joking. oh well, looks like I can't spread 1k on ALL the renewables now.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Interesting read :


    Is America ready for Wind Hydrogen?
    David Gross, WaveLength Market Analytics LLC

    With turbine prices under $2 per watt and installed capacity growing over 30% last year, the wind energy boom is advancing beyond standard electricity generation. And few applications have gotten as much press as wind hydrogen, which promises a nearly unmatchable combination of low prices and low emissions.

    While hydrogen is typically regarded as a clean technology, much of this reputation comes from its ability to create electricity without the SOx and NOx emissions that have plagued coal-burning plants for years. Nonetheless, 95% of U.S. commercial hydrogen is produced through stream reforming natural gas, a process which creates significant amounts of carbon dioxide and subjects hydrogen to the price swings of another commodity.

    No Longer a Science Experiment

    Eager to demonstrate that wind hydrogen is not just a lab experiment that looks good when modeled on a spreadsheet, electrolyzer manufacturers like Hydrogenics and Norsk have setup demonstration projects that have probably created as many press stories as there are customers connected to their power sources. Norsk’s Utsira project in Norway is showcasing hydrogen’s ability to store intermittent wind energy, albeit with just ten homes connected to the generating turbines. Hydrogenics’ Prince Edward Island Hydrogen Village in Canada is a more ambitious effort, and uses the company’s electrolyzers to create an energy source that can power vehicles as well as store the often unpredictable surges and drops in wind generated electricity. But is there any chance these projects can be replicated in a larger scale in the U.S.?

    Domestic investment in wind projects is approaching $5 billion annually, more than the amount spent each year to install new high voltage and extra high voltage transmission lines. With utilities struggling to get new transmission lines into the rate base, some see hydrogen as a means to distribute wind power and deliver it to population centers hundreds of miles from the dusty plains that account for much of the nation’s wind generating capacity. Yet this could be even more expensive, especially with so few pipelines capable of transporting hydrogen.

    Can’t get There from Here

    The U.S. has just 700 miles of hydrogen pipelines, nearly half of which is accounted for by Praxair’s Gulf Coast system. Natural gas, on the other hand, is pumped through a 310,000 mile transmission network that reaches all corners of the country. While actual costs vary significantly, on average a new or retrofitted pipeline requires $500,000 per mile to construct. This means in order to match the route mile capacity of the nat gas network, a hydrogen pipelining system would require $150 billion. With labor costs persistently challenging the construction or retrofitting of any transmission system, this amount could actually increase over time.

    Neither the Norsk nor Hydrogenics wind hydrogen project relies on any transmission network to move electrons or hydrogen atoms. And with such huge constraints imposed by both the grid and the pipeline network, and so few fuel cell-powered vehicles on the road, output balancing applications hold the most near-term promise economically for wind hydrogen.

    Does Windpower Really Need Hydrogen?

    While flow batteries and other devices can be used to compensate for wind’s intermittent output, it’s difficult to match the investor and political enthusiasm for hydrogen. As a result, the emerging wind hydrogen industry is starting to take care of its own, with wind operators seeking to deploy hydrogen electrolyzers where possible, and electrolyzer manufacturers creating products for wind-produced electricity.

    Wind Hydrogen Ltd. is hoping to exploit the interest in both technologies, and has recently proposed a hydrogen-producing wind farm in Ladymoor, Scotland with a first phase generation capacity of 125 MW. With a price tag well over £100 million, this is no showcase project like the PEI Wind Hydrogen Village. However, sitting just 12 miles from Glasgow, this development has access to wind resources and nearby population centers that would be hard to replicate in the U.S.

    The Ladymoor project is just one example of how the economic potential of combining wind with clean storage technologies is getting stronger. While faced with significant distribution challenges, wind hydrogen could be just the first of many such opportunities to develop

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Looking at exposure to alternative energy sources.
    Anyone know what are the ASX stocks involved in solar energy which are useful as a start for me to understand the dynamics of this sector?

    Thanks ...

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Try checking out DYL.....
    As far as I have known they are doing solar energy
    it is from an IPO of 20c as well
    Hope it helps

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    EVM - EnviroMission Limited develops renewable energy projects in Australia. The Company owns an exclusive license to develop solar thermal power stations in Australia using solar tower technology.

    but EVM's sp has not been performing well lately...

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Development of renewable energy projects and to provide a range of sustainable energy efficient products and services; with large emphasis on Solar.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Hawkeye, mind if I ask if you are taking a punt on the WHL IPO?

    i'm definitely applying for 1 lot what with the good buzz around this sector.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    editting my post from previous, it is dyesol, DYE.
    not DYL as it is uranium stock....
    my apology for that mistake

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Yes...1 lot - I see it being a very strong mover early on; before slowing down based on what most Wind Energy Co's face - delays in Manufacture, delays in land approval, delays in regulatory issues. However a strong partnership with Scottish Power within the first few years would do wonders - ...I'm in.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    Thanks everyone for your nomination of EMV and DYE.
    Will check them out to understand the industry.

    Happy investing.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    quick question - can the WHL IPO be applied online through Commsec?

    or do we have to go through the hardcopy application process and send a cheque, as per the prospectus says..?

    my knowledge on Australian IPOs is limited, other IPOs that I apply in overseas markets are done online.

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    Default Re: WHL - Wind Hydrogen

    You'll have to get hold of a hardcopy, you can usually apply for the prospectus through your broker though

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    Default Re: WHN - Wind Hydrogen

    Ive done a little checking up and it does seem that WHL wont have monies coming in for a few years....can we see this company rising purely on the Alternative energy buzz, im a little concerned as most of these alter energies shares seem to be going thru a quite period after a couple of crazy bullish months, is this the calm before another storm......I am keen to get in on this ipo, but is it a long term investment really? any advice?


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    Default Re: WHN - Wind Hydrogen

    sharetalk, we are all part of the mob that wants to buy on rumour and sell on fact...

    who can say that any given IPO will rocket on open? I always remember CUX, which had the best management in uranium juniors, powered up like crazy on open and then fell...that really took me by surprise.

    but anyway, i've put in my application and now waiting impatiently for the results, whether I get an allotment or not.

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    Default Re: WHN - Wind Hydrogen

    news around the world show that this wind power business is gathering speed...


    Alstom's Spanish Windfall
    LONDON - French engineering company Alstom … France’s largest engineering company has buy…Ecotecnia, a Spanish turbine producer.

    Shares in Alstom (other-otc: AOMFF) ticked up by 2.17 euros ($2.92), or 1.8%, to 120.97 euros ($162.85) in afternoon trading in Paris, after it announced it would buy Ecotecnia for 350 million euros ($471.1 million) in cash, and would not take on the company's debts.

    “This acquisition, when completed, will consolidate Alstom's position as the company with the broadest and most complete range of products and systems in power generation,” Alstom Chief Executive Patrick Kron said Tuesday. Alstom will not rule out other acquisitions in renewables "or in any other of the activities" in which it already operates, he added.

    Barcelona-based Ecotecnia designs and assembles wind turbines for the Spanish energy market. Ecotecnia has installed a total of 1500 turbines with an estimated generating capacity of 1,433 megawatts, and has also started to produce solar panels.

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    Default Re: WHN - Wind Hydrogen


    GE entered the fray in 2002 by snapping up Enron Wind in a fire sale….Since then the division's revenues have jumped from $500 million to an expected $2 billion-plus for 2005, gains that have taken U.S. market share from the Danish world leader, Vestas Wind Systems, and other outfits…

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