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    Ok here is an example.

    Company XX released a positive announcmnet at 5:00pm day one (after asx is closed for the day.) You read the announcment and decide that you want to buy into some shares. You look at current share price and market depth - first question: the buy and sell prices on the depth chart can be pulled so basically i have no idea what the starting price could be next day - mabey a few people where on holiday, where selling and havnt seen the announcment. Mabey everyone selling reads the announcment and decids not to sell.

    Anyhow my question is as follows - firstly: does the time that i enter my trade in commsec matter a fig on the 'order' of processing when asx opens the next morning. For example the last sell price was say 0.2 i place a buy order at 0.25 at like 6pm. Someone else places a buy at 0.26 but after i do mine, if there was to be a seller at 0.24 then who buys the shares the next morning?

    yes im a noob - link me some info for the life of me i cant find this out.

    Its just that a few of my orders have been placed but i missed out big time yesterday on fwl options - placed a nice jucy order before market opened about 0.1cents above the current selling price but it didnt go through . does this mean that the sellers pulled out or that there where sellers but someone had placed a buy order before me and bought everything below my order?

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated

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    Read opening/closing auctions on the ASX website or search here, I put a pretty detailed explanation in the last thread

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