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    Hi all

    I noticed a company REVERE MINIING just listed into ASX. When this occurs how does one evaluate whether the company is worth considering. Is the information in the prospectus for what is required to make a decision.

    How do you calculate what the shares may be worth. I think the RVM (REVERE) were 21c.

    What information would one need piece together to get a picture of what maybe.

    What are the list of ESCROW securities which comes as an announcement as restricted securities.


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    Shame no one replied to this earlier

    RVM almost doubled

    Most of the information about the company will be in the prospectus and can be used to see what the outlook might be for the company for near future.
    Things can change from when it lists so need to be aware of the implications of changes in the company and markets with respect to the company.

    Look at what the company plans to do. Mining companies if they are in a hot sector (Uranium, Nickel) might get more interest than a company searching for bauxite or other metal that has done nothing
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