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    Default NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    I live on the central coast and as most of you know (unless you have been hiding under a rock) we copped it last week.... I got off not too badly with just a few trees down, possibly a few leaks in the roof, a fence torn out of the ground by the sheer force of the flash flood etc, it happened so quick... maybe 10-20 min. Oh and that was just the first flood over the 24hr period!
    We were also out of power for a 2-3 days as well as most of the Central Coast.
    I have insurance and have put in a request for an assessor to come out.... a week later we have still not heared from him/her to organise a time to meet, they are obviously snowed under at the moment and its about to get a whole lot worse
    Now we have this storm coming through tonight, its just started to rain here and is starting to get a little windy..... I think the worst is yet to come, check this out:
    Latest BOM radar image
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    If your copping the worst of it ATM or have already copped it let me know what to expect.
    I was going to post some pics up of the view from my house last week as well as some piccs of beach erosion, trees down, houses falling into holes but they are not on my computer ATM, I might put them up later........ who knows? after tonight I may have some more for you all!
    I just think its amazing whats been going on over the last couple of weeks so if you have any pics that you want to share feel free to post them up. Some of the pics Ive got are unreal.

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    Default Re: NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    An insurer's catastrophe and xol cover will have them mostly protected. The likes of Munich Re cop it more in these kind of events. APRA's monitoring of MCR and risk retention means that its not likely an insurer is going to fall over these days. (touch wood)

    Insurance in Australia is in a different stage of the cycle than it was 2 years ago. Insurers are now tending towards retaining more risk (ie. they are reinsuring less) and thus allowing them to potentially improve their bottom line or market share. The obvious cost is increased risk. This means these kind of events are likely to cost insurers a little more than they would have two years ago but it shouldn't be too bad.

    All this means nothing in the short term and continued storms and flooding to populated east coast centres is likely to hurt the listed insurers. Their may be a fundamental trading opportunity if the market discounts them too heavily for emotional reasons.

    As for your situation, I hope you come out of this one unscathed.

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    Default Re: NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    "Costal" storm hey? I don't think insurance companies would care... maybe your life insurance company... but your doc might be nervous. I think if you have a costal storm raging, get it checked out.

    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Default Re: NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    Yeah, i think i just pulled an inter-costal muscle laughing at that typo hehe.

    Seriously though, I hope you get through it ok.... I can sympathise with you. A few years back, the power pole on our front lawn was blown down in a storm. Fortunately it didn't fall on the house, just across the road. Unfortunately though, a truck ran into it at about 80kph, pulling all the wiring out, and leaving us without power for 4 days.

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    Default Re: NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    Note to self.... try not to post so late at night after a few JD's From memory I even checked the spelling because I knew there would be typos
    Probably should have used that spell check but you need some programme for that. Plus it probably wouldn't have picked that one up


    PS: as you can see from the radar it was quite a serious costal storm.

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    Default Re: NSW costal storms - Insurance companies nervous?

    I take it you got through ok? That did look like one biatch of a storm.... but it stayed off the coast huh.

    BTW: Is Allday Performance your company?

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