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    Default SRP - Is it set to Rally and Test Previous Heights

    Hi Guys,

    an interesting chart display with SRP.

    In short, bullish candle break out, but with technical indicators showing positive momentum.. is there possibility, that SRP will test previous heights once again..

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    Default Re: SRP - Is it set to Rally and Test Previous Heights

    Hi Guys,

    what a day for SRP... completey smashes previous peak, but also sets a nice bullish close....

    but over the last couple days, the nervousness, of watching SRP slowly testing, previous heights, but also market resistance, with rejection of sellers.. selling down...

    anyways, im out pf SRP now, but i still believe this could be the growth stock for next year...

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    Great Charts SiS

    Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year Festivities mate


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