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    Hi all,

    Just wondering about jobs overseas and opportunities. I am moving to England in December and will be there for 12 months, and the wife and I with two year old in tow are looking at somewhere else in the world - basically where we can get right cashed up for 12 months before coming home.

    I work in teaching, and have a Masters degree in Journalism.

    Any suggestions for stunning working opportunities?


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    look at residency on the ato website - might assist with whatever you do.

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    contracting in the UK can be quite good - Nurses and Teachers can make a nice amount (if you live outside of London that is - otherwise all your money will go on rent).

    I know in my industry (IT) contracting for 300-400GBP per day and only pay tax at the company rate (much more competitive than in Australia) is not unheard of.

    Look at agency teaching - they might put you under and umbrella company over there.


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