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    ITX has upgraded its full year profit to June 30th, would be at least 30% higher than previously forecast.

    Anyone that went for this IPO 2 months ago at $0.50 float price must be happy.

    Today it is $0.70

    A lot of people got scaled back as owners decided to keep 65% of the business for themselves.

    One small part of what they do is itX provides a distribution channel for a select range of world class IT vendors including; Apple, Appsense, Bakbone, Citrix, Clearswift, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Secure Computing, ThinPrint, Trend Micro, VMWare, Websense and Wyse.


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    Well... this might be the end of this highly discussed stock thread.

    ITX received a takeover offer at $1.55 that has board recommendation. Not a huge premium but not a bad outcome for a stock that's only been listed for just over 3 years at 50c, with regular dividends along the way as well.

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