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    Default Tips today?

    Does anyone have any good tips today?

    - simple, but effective

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    Default Re: TIPS TODAY?

    Hi Jhop,

    dont have any real tips for today, but about to head out, though just had a quick look at PBL, might be worth going short tomorrow... on positive momentum, if not, stock could break out to new record highs.


    will post a chart later on...

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    Default Re: TIPS TODAY?


    Firstly welcome to Aussie Stock Forums.I think you will find this site a little different to others, posters on here do not tend to just announce tips, especially not daily.Posts on here tend to be a little more and in depth than just one word answers.

    If you read through all the posts you will find a lot of differing views on many stocks, we also have a competition every month, so you will find "tips" I suppose you could call them there.However it is done with a bit of fun in mind and a lot of the chosen stocks are really just a gamble on penny dreadfuls that may get lucky to win the comp.Hope you enjoy the forum.

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    not a hot tip but of interest to me.

    NXS should have results out for longdong any day now, sp was all over the place today, looks like a goer...

    i'll be interested to see what it does the next few days. not suggesting anyone buys it tho >:P

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    Default Re: TIPS TODAY?


    How about Race 5, number 7....



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    Default Re: TIPS TODAY?

    Never take tips from people you don't know.

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    Smile Re: TIPS TODAY?

    I have two tips. 1. Always be kind to your mother and 2. Send flowers to your girlfriend regularly.


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